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Miirage (miirage) wrote,
@ 2005-09-18 10:07:00
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    Wednesday, August 24, 2005

    So I went to the doctors yesterday afternoon. They have put me on anti seizure medication in the hope it will prevent any more seizures. Its called Epilim and I believe its the name for the New Zealand and Australian markets. As naturally I ran a google search on it to check on its side effects and so forth. I am extra cautious since I was put on prozac fluxoetine and it caused me to become very suicidal and I repeatedly made attempts on my life and was not sure why I was doing it/ Yes I do know there is a law suit but thats for the tort lawyers in America to profit from. Im just grateful I made it through.

    Great one more well three more pills to swallow. I had a weird day today. Lots of things going on but its all done with now. I decided to cook Nic dinner since I noticed he had some mince defrosted in the microwave. I made a meatloaf which has pumpkin and potatoe in it. I also made whipped mashed potatoes with a little nutmeg and butter. Ill make some gravy from the juices that cooked and serve it to him like that. Hes gone to take a nap now he did look tired but I was talking an awful lot and ranting about the situation in South Africa and the situation in Tibet and general rant on human rights. I guess Im in one of those modes. I just love to debate though and discuss and learn. I have to bounch things of nic its good to talk to him. He has looked tired alot lately so I hope he will like his dinner and I will try to spend some time doing some search engine submission stuff for his web site.

    So what else did I do??? I planted some mint, rosemary, and curly leaf parsley to place on the window still next to my gorgeous cactus type plants. I do enjoy gardening for those of you who never read my old lost blog then you might not know that. I also love to clean and organize. I also enjoy sewing and ironing. I think it is the satisfaction that one has that instant satisfaction that makes these activities so pleasurable. I also like washing my dog!! He loves to take bubble baths has his hair conditioned and is not impartial to a bulldog pedicure!!

    On another note I remembered what I was doing when I had the seizure. I was in here installing my webcam. Nic went ahead and set it up ( yeah hes a cam whore) and when I sae it with its little light on it all came back and I remembered I had been doing that. I had no recollection until then.

    Well I better get going need to have a shower and all those evenign time things. Good night diary.

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