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Daemon Child Lyn (midnite_neko) wrote,
@ 2003-04-13 21:06:00
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    Current mood:tired

    Gun totin mood
    Meh... ferget that I have too manie knives to play with and I don't know much about guns.. Shit... I fergot to type up those historie notes fer that girl...

    So stressed out rite now... my brothers botherin me like crazie cause he wants me to pay attention to him eveytime I'm around... he just walks in and starts talkin about stuff to me and I get mad cause he doesn't specifie what he's talkin about and he gets mad because I can't understand what he's talkin about... at most times he just walksin on me workin and sits in my room... just sittin there and stares... THEN he talks to me... shit then I yell at him to get out cause I can't stand someone watchin me do stuff...

    I know it's a siblin thing when one observes another to learn and grow but he's got the TV to look up to now... it suX that he does this tho... I can't have my peace or studie time whenever I'm home... even at work he'll just talk to me about TV stuff I haven't seen or ever heard of... I don't care about TV much anymore... I'd just watch some movies and listen to music... I hardlie ever play games anymore because I seemed to loose interest in them... but I still want to continue to play RPG games...

    I haven't finished FFVII, FFVIII, FFIX, FFX or Kingdom Hearts... I need time or the mental freedom to lay them again... I'm the mood to break things now... but there's nothin expendible to break around here... maybe I can sneak out to the UH and play DDR... but it closes earlie... there's no big trees fer me to beat with my dowel... and I can't leave marks on the trees in my front yard... my parents will know and they'll ask me something I don't want to answer...

    Life just keeps givin me more stuff to deal with... the gud and bad... yes yes I know that's what makes life interstin but also reallie stressful... but at least I have Ryan... we may have our problems but we can stand each other because we're both goin thru tough times in our own way at the same time... so reallie we can say "I understand what yer goin thru" and reallie mean it... interestin how our timins are...

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