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Daemon Child Lyn (midnite_neko) wrote,
@ 2003-04-11 12:37:00
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    Current mood:still tired and hungrie

    After what happened yesterday Cayari has gained an advantage over me... damnit... but I can turn him on just as easilie... just you wait... something's gonna happen...

    I dunno, I just wanted to say something here since I read that "A Modest Proposal" short storie that was sittin in my backpack... too manie random thoughts flowin everywhere in my head... you say something and something else pops up in my head... WTF... class is over alreadie?! Damn... time sure flies when yer hungrie and tired and writin a lot while the teacher's lecturin... hmm... I sure failed my second paper but I have a chance to revise it in any way possible... plus I think I can whiZ thru the thrid paper since we're writin our own short stories... I can write a short storie no problem but I'm afraid that the contents of my storie may raise some eyebrows at me... and ask me what I'm interested in... killin brings pleasure to my eyes... some people deserve to die... sometimes it's fun to watch them fight fer survival... the thrill... the suspense... the death and destruction...

    I miss my olde self in high skool... even the fact that I was alone fer so manie years... I wanna be so depressed again... it was a nice feelin to be alone... locked (barricaded) in my room and readin and writin and drawin and studyin into the ungodlie hours on end and then go to skool with heavie eyes and silence... I would freak out durin class (I loved those moments) and fall in my knees in the hallway(usuallie I was dragged to class or sent to the nurse's office if we didn't make it)... everynow and then I'd break down cryin and the class would continue as normal since they were used to it by then...

    I wasn't on any drugs or medication yet people wonder why I was like that... it was the years of lack of sleep... I learned how to function on little sleep... but it's all worth it when I get to sleep in on a holiday or a free weekend...

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