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Daemon Child Lyn (midnite_neko) wrote,
@ 2003-04-10 21:25:00
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    Current mood:tired
    Current music:More Comedie Central...

    Right after I left class today, Cayari suddenlie suggested that we go eat out because there was nothin else to do til Budo Club today... before we went I wanted to make a whish at the fountain since I didn't get to do it yesterday... one was fer everlastin and the other fer success... the fountain has a lot of sentimental value... and the best place to sit together just sittin there and talkin about stuff... I want to someday... maybe after I gradute or before I transfer... I'm gonna push Cayari into that fountain and jump in after him... that or shove cake in his face and eat some of it off... meh anyting to see his surprised face again... I love that expression in his eyes...

    Guess what Cayari showed me today... a bunch of "useful stuff"... ok... I wonder sometime about him... about stuff like that... umm... yeah... sensei reallie is tryin to teach his student new stuff...

    Where this close to acturallie doin something about our relationship... we can touch and we can play but... I wonder sometimes what goes on in his mind other than "whoa... "

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