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Daemon Child Lyn (midnite_neko) wrote,
@ 2003-04-01 00:23:00
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    Current mood:tired
    Current music:Tough Crowd

    Alliben Ruair
    I got an email from Reuben today... he's been on a real slump since he found out that this girl he likes has a Brazillian boyfriend... he doesn't talk to me much since I've been with Cayari... I worrie fer him...

    Alrite!!! I'm gettin konpeitou from Jlist!!! It took me ferever to find that name since when animes dub them with a stupid name... apparentlie Jlist doesn't sell them in bulk so I back ordered and they onlie found me three packs... it's all gud as long as I know they can get more and add it to their stock...

    Konpeitou is great candie... and when I can I'm gonna get the Candie Bento set... the rice is white konpeitou with a candie plum and surrounded with hard candies shaped like regular vegetable in a bento box... it's so cute but hard to get since it's over seas and Jlist doesn't have them... probablie in the near future, they'll have some thanks to me :3

    I picked up some unique sense of taste in fuds... I like corn in my chikin and rice (a japanese thing)... and on pizza too... mayonaise with taters or fries (from holland)... meh... Battle Royale has a scene in the lighthouse with lunch as chikin soup served with spegehtti (how do you spell that?)

    Aah... it's late and I need to be on campus earlie today so I can scan some more pics fer my webpage... I need to make my bento fer goin to MCM also... I'm low on cash this week since I have to pay off a lot of things... my brother fer those mangas, Jlist, Sakura Anime Distro... but I should have enough to buy some of the stuff on sale at MCM...

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it's spelled
2003-04-01 22:29 (link)

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Re: it's spelled
2003-04-02 13:02 (link)
ok... I was off by one vowel

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Re: it's spelled
2008-01-24 12:05 (link)
Jill, you wrote about me?! Wow. That was soo long ago... I wonder if you ever check this.

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