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Daemon Child Lyn (midnite_neko) wrote,
@ 2003-03-28 12:04:00
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    Current mood:Ooh~!!!
    Current music:jazz musik playin in class

    Today's weather
    Ooh... it's cold outside... gud thing I decided to wear my green shirt that I wear another one with... nice aire today is... makes me want some ice cream... is there any ice cream thats gud on campus? I want me some vanilla or mint chip... yeah... mint chip...

    How odd that houston is still goin thru the cold weather... will the summer session be as long as the winter session? I hope not... maybe since Ima be in Cali this summer... in the north side to the aire is reallie cool... and I miss the mounatin view I used to wake up to every mornin when I was little... I loved those mountains... used to believe that I'll move up there someday and throw rocks onto the people below...

    Texas has nothin to look at when starin over the horizon... the years I spent on galveston... the dirty ocean and the outsiders who mess up our propertie... it wasn't like the mountains but it was at least something... when I went to Prude Ranch back in... it hink back in sophomore year... yeah.. I went to Japan the year after... dude the mountains were so beautiful... the aire was crisp and cold... I had a reason to use my sleepin bag... the grubs were ok considerin it wasn't asian... hehe... we when shoppin at a local town... phosphurous coke (I think thats what it was called... ) was better than the real coke... geez... I went home 15 pounds lighter after being gone fer three days (I was surprised as hell!!) ... mainlie because the building at the ranch were so goddamn far apart and we went on manie hikin trips... shiverin in the cold was gud excercise too :3

    I hope I can pick up my CD today from Warrendudeman today... yesterday he had to cram fer an exam so he wasn't in the game room... today he'll be at the rec center but said he'll drop by to give me the CD... he's a nice guy... aimin a bit high fer a girl but overall a nice guy... hehe...

    I remembered the time when me and Cayari went to eat at Kimn Son over at The Towers... the ladies there were surprised that he finallie has a girlfriend... they embarrased him like crazie cause they were tellin me what he was like in the past semesters... the sweet and sour sauce there runs like blood when I dipped my eggroll in it... reminds me when I used to keep cuttin myself when I was buildin a small house out of paper... so much cuttin and gluein after hours on end designin that piece of shit... I do go over board when ever I get too involved in projects... that's why I like to work alone... eventuallie wanted to live a lone too...

    What's that noise?!?! Fuckin Shit... its the AC at full blast inside the Writin Center... its cold outside... now its gonna be cold inside...

    BATTLE ROYALE II!!! Tatsuya Fujiwara (Nanahara Shuya) is a cool actor... Masanobu Ando is cute... he played Kiriyama... the one who killed fer fun... most of the 42 students starred in other films and TV... few in both domestic and foreign productions... I love the trailer fer BRII... it seems so realistic and even mentions something about 9/11!!! Hehe... I can't wait... I wonder if it'll have more gore than the first one...

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