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Midnighteskye (midnighteskye) wrote,
@ 2004-12-20 06:59:00
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    I Think...
    I may not just be gaining weight. I think I might be pregnant. My period is supposed to start this week and there is still no sign of it. I havent been overly emotional or really craving anything except hamburgers this week either. I really dont know what we will do if I am pregnant. I dont know how to raise a kid I dont even want a kid. I hope my period starts soo so this can all be done and I'll know I hate wondering. This wondering is horrible so we should probably wait to have sex until Im actually weight wise where I should be so this doesnt happen again. Umm yeah so that is my worry of the day. Along with I couldnt sleep all night. I woke up like every hour after midnight and I also had a hard time falling asleep so Im dead tired. It sucks cause now I have to go endure 8 hours of probably invoices and issue customers before I can come home with a massive headache and go to sleep. Ok gotta run now ciao!

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