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stargazer (midnight_noon) wrote,
@ 2004-03-16 19:21:00
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    Current mood: frustrated

    Idle again
    I still can't quite believe it's summer already.

    My body is not used to waking up at whatever time it wants to. I am still paranoid sometimes about forgetting to submit something and then realizing I have absolutely nothing to worry about. No more IW (honestly the curse of all Povedans), tests, homeworks, exams and what have you. I am officially looking forward to 2 generally stress - free months.

    That has never sounded so good.

    I have been bitten by the format-journal bug and I so badly want to do something with this thing. I do not want to change the background or colors anymore. It took me so long last summer to set it up and I simply do not have the heart to strip it down now. Anyways, I guess I can still stand the way it looks for the time being. However... I need to bug Kayla about the hidden text thing. I have a big feeling she is out of town. Everyone has left a comment on her journal and she still has not updated since school let out! Very un-Kayla... I love reading her entries so I hope she gets back soon.

    I have spent hours trying to figure out how she does that link-back thing. It's pure genius...if you want to use the "hidden text". Argh! I have been here for hours trying to figure it out and I cannot. Simply stuck. Kayla!!!


    This is so stupid. This is completely and utterly stupid. I cannot believe I can't figure out how to link to the freaking comments page! I have been to so many sites and they can all do it. Does anyone else out there know how? I realized it has a difference in having a #cutid1 after the normal Comments address. Hmm...

    :: goes off to try and figure it out again ::

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2004-03-16 13:03 (link)
Whoa! O_O That's a lot of things I never knew about you, dearest!

. . . I never knew you liked Enya. And BOOK OF DAYS.

. . . I never knew you liked fanfiction.

. . . I never knew you liked LOTR.

Otherwise, I really like your layout, and how this blog is being narrated reflects my image of you so vividly it's scary. ^^;

Anyways, dropping a message like I promised.

Take care. :)

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