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mickeymusic (mickeymusic) wrote,
@ 2004-10-25 07:37:00
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    Current mood: calm
    Current music:Jimi Hendrix

    Weekends over
    Not too bad a weekend was had by yours truly, even though I achieved sweet fuck all it was just nice to have some chill-out time for a change.

    I had Friday off, so I went to the doctor, did a work-out at the gym, and then spent the rest of the day bumming around on the computer and getting drunk by myself.

    On Saturday I mowed the lawns, got sunburnt, played some guitar, watched a couple of movies in the evening and generally just lazed about.

    Yeasterday was our 6th wedding anniversary so we had Sandy`s parents over for a lunch time BBQ, and then her sister, brother in law and our 2 nieces came over in the afternoon. It was quite a good day. I spent most of it drinking beer in the hot sun and playing soccer with my nieces. So in all it was the most spectacularly exciting weekend, just lazy & rather pleasant.

    Next weekend looks like being my kind of weekend. Friday night we`re going to see the Brewster Brothers (ex the Angels) play at the Criterion in Castlemaine, and then Sunday afternoon it`ll be back to the Criterion to see Ash Grunwald play his awsome brand of kick ass accoustic blues.

    Anyway got a couple of our to chill out before I go to the gym and sweat out some of the toxins I absorbed over the weekend, then it`s (YUCK!!!) work.

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