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mickeymusic (mickeymusic) wrote,
@ 2004-10-07 09:20:00
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    Current mood: bouncy
    Current music:cheap trick

    Rainy Day Blues
    This is magnificent! I woke up this morning to the brewing of a thunder storm, I just love a good storm. Everything is looking so green for the first time in years.

    My Mood today is the best it`s been all week. It helps that when I was shaving this morning I could see how much muscle definition I`m gaining from the gym reflecting back from the mirror. I`m not looking too shabby at all for a sad old bastard.

    The fact that I only have two more very short days to the weekend, and that I have no boss to agravate me on Friday is also doing wonders for my mood. It`s been so deathly quiet at work lately, and there is nothing worse than trying to look busy when there`s fuck all to do.

    So, in a little while it`s off to the gym, then to work for four hours, then I`ll settle in to play some guitar for awhile as I roast up some marinated chicken for tonights dinner.

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2004-10-11 23:39 (link)
omg! you live in of my best friends lives there. well, he use to, he lives in melb now...wait, is bendigo IN melbourne? forgive my igonorance, i live in the states.
hehe, just got me all excited :)


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2004-10-12 02:06 (link)
Hi Sarah,
Bendigo is about an hours drive from Melbourne, and not a bad place to live for that matter. What`s your friends name? It`s a long shot but we might have met or even know each other. It`s a long shot, but stranger things can happen.


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Re: Bendigo
2004-10-12 08:37 (link)
ummm tyler heenan and also paul stepehnson. you know em?

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