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Meth Head Fred (methheadfred) wrote,
@ 2003-09-10 18:09:00
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    Current mood: irate
    Current music:Otep - Blood Pig

    Well, i guess this is the last story about stanchiks you'll be hearing from me...
    Possibly excluding whatever happens friday night. Well, the last two days (or was it three?) have been tons of fun filled alcohol and pot fueled madness. monday we just smoked a whole shitload at stanchiks, then tuesday we smoked a whole shitload at stanchiks, and then went to ambers house to drink cause her dad was gone for the night. Me, Jason and evan ended up staying there the night and then waking up this morning and going back to southwest. Then jason went home and me and evan moved on to stanchiks and chiled there for a while then went to evans only to find out we were locked out, so we went back to stanchiks and shit. 6th hour there turns out to be 15-20 people there, and then one more comes, and the cops followed him there and busted in and kicked us all out, and then almost got stanchik evicted. They knew southwest kids were partying at an apartment there somewhere, they just didn't know which one it was until they followed the kid there. So then i wandered around for a while, and met up with people after school and told them what was up and that the shit going on friday might be changing a little. Stanchik is also no longer getting help paying his rent because of this, and will probably get kicked out soon. At least the pigs didn't find the peices or the open alcohol, and the only one that got arrested was evan, so i guess this didn't end as badly as it could have. At least not for me.

    On a side note, i fucking HATE it when people FUCK around with me. Why can't anyone be godamn honest?
    Fuck people, fuck them all, they can all eat shit and die.

    F-U-C-K E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E

    Oh, and i'm out of cigarettes AND out of weed, AND out of alcohol, AND my glass peice broke on the mouthpeice, AND i now have to pay for the new glass peice i was going to steal. What a wonderful happy fucking joyous day isnt it?

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Fucking Pigs
2003-09-11 08:07 (link)
Fucking blood pigs.

Alright, it's not as bad as we all thought first off all, but it still blows. I'll still get a little help, and as long as I get a co-signer I can have the place on my own. I just really can't do shit during school hours anymore, because I'd rather play it safe on that. Afterschool and weekends and shit are still pretty much alright. And fuck man, as long as it's only like one or two or three people during lunch, it's probably alright. Friday we should do it at Demany's or wherever just to be on the safe side. I'll probably be out at like Hardee's and shit during lunch to see people instead. Took me a whole shitload of bullshit to talk the management people and the liasons to reverse the eviction. Fucking pigs man, fucking suicide.

On a side note - looks like I stole it before you did, heh. And yeah, you'll have to pay for it if you want it. Heh.

Yeah, and I'm out of cigarettes AND weed AND alcohol.

Man yesterday blew some pretty chunky ass.

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