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Matt Shearer (metalmachine489) wrote,
@ 2003-07-02 00:49:00
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    The Complications of a Life Away From Home...
    I realize that I could probably call a little more often than I do, which I know is hardly ever. But keep in mind that the reason for the feelings of growing apartness is because we are a good 90-100 miles apart. I didn't want to stay here, but where else am I going to be able to find a job that pays $9 an hour and lets me work 40 hours a week? I work 5 days a week, from 11PM-7AM, when everyone else is sleeping. When everyone else is up and around doing their thing, going to their jobs and living their life, I'm sleeping. And I will and most often do sleep until 7PM. By then, you're probably off doing something with the other guys, because when I do try to call, I never get through. Either your cell is off, or I copied the number wrong. I just tried calling Bromley a couple days ago, I left a message (at least I think I did, he's got a screwy answering system) and I haven't gotten anything back, and I realize that's either one, he really didn't get my message, or two, he's busy, just like I know you all are. But don't think for a second that I've forgotten you guys. I miss you all a lot. I'm here with no car (yet) and the only way to get there is if someone comes and picks me up. Besides, you guys can always come up here some weekend you all have off and we can shoot the shit in GR. I know where there's beaches, a national park, movie theaters that blow Owosso's out of the park, I'd love to have you guys come up and hang out. I realize transportation's limited, but I'm sure you could probably work something out. I'm bored as hell up here, I have no one to really hang out with. Most of my time is spent either working, sleeping, eating, babysitting my nephews, going to relatives (since I'm so close to them now) or talking to Samantha. Yes, I know I haven't been calling you guys, and I apologize for it. But you have to understand that sometimes my hands are tied, and you know me, I'm a goddamned airhead. Shit goes in one ear and out the other. I got a lot of shit going through my mind, and sometimes I need to be reminded to call you guys. Keep in mind (and yes, I know it works both ways) that you guys haven't called me in a while either. I don't know the next time I'm going to be in town, and I think it would be cool if you guys could come up here to spend the day or whatnot. But anyways, just know that I am sorry for not calling as much as I should have, and I really do miss hanging out with you guys.

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It's all good
2003-07-02 18:09 (link)
Apology accepted. I didn't think of it of from your point of view, typical dumbass me. Such is Bromley's mom.

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Re: It's all good
2003-07-02 23:54 (link)
lol...don't worry about it. I'll give you a ring sometime to see when (or if) you guys can come up sometime.

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