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This is my line, this is eternal (metalicpunk) wrote,
@ 2003-09-05 01:00:00
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    Current mood: drained
    Current music:Itsy Bitsy Tenny Weeny Yellow Polka-dot Bikini

    Nj sux florida was nice
    Ok so i got back from florida the other day. Great! im home, yea but ummmm. NJ is disgusting, its been raining since i got back. sux... i hate all this fucking rain. its bringing me down. Tomorrow i start brookdale, whoopdeedo....

    So i must see how i do on gas mileage to this fucking place, its like only 15-20 mins away so i should be good. But doing that 3 days a week, who knows. Its funny al the little kids get on the bus, goto school, and im rid of them all day. Its great for at work, but once they all get off from school they been commin in with their parents and buying and returning un-needed school supplies. What a fucking waste... Before i left for vacation, i worked 1-10 like 2 in a row, now i just finished another 3 in a row, i fucking hate that job. They make me work another bunch of just 8 hour days im quitting, its to much stress for me.

    In other news...
    I think i FINALLY convinced my dad to let me buy the fucking suburban. Oh dear subbie how i long for thee. My dream truck comming my way, as long as the dude didn't sell it yet. Suburban is like in my blood, i MUST own one. I have daydreams about them, sometimes when i see them i get all light headed and wanna fall over i get so into wanting to have mine. I just can't wait till my new monstrosity is in my driveway.

    Well thats all for now, i don't even wanna get into the likeness of who and them because it will just give me more of a headache. god only knows who really likes me.


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