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ask me to stay (xdazedconfusedx) wrote in mestxfansxrock,
@ 2004-04-14 16:00:00
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    Current mood:calm
    Current music:stairway to heaven...BACKWARDS

    its been a while
    hello. i havent posted in a while, well like a week, but whatever. so i have decided that i should speak some is merely wednesday and i await saturday patiently because that is the day in which i will be attendong a tHrOnE concert at the webster and i am supposedly meeting them which is AMAZING. they are an amazing band.....speaking of the webster, and since i am pting in a mest community, mest was at the webster on 3/6/04 and let me tell you i was pretttty upset that i couldnt go. i mean, i didnt have a ride or a ticket anyway, but even if i had i couldnt have gone cuz my best friend's dad dies that friday. but let me tell y6ou what would have happened if i did go.......and i have thought about this a lot, so my story is good. at least i think so.....

    so i would have gotten there and been the first person in line. tony would come out of the bar section and be drunk. he would say hello to me while attempting to get in the door that i am standing in front of. the security lady wouldnt let him in because she is stupid and thinks he is just some drunk guy trying to get in before the doors open. so we will stand there and talk about her, making up stories about why she wont let him in. then he will ask me if i want to have a beer with him after the show and i will accept, because he obviousely doesnt realize that i am underage. but i like beer and drinking, so it is okay. the doors will open and tony and i enter. he immediately drags me backstage because he needs to get me a little pass thingy and let me tell you, he doesnt want to risk not being able to find me when he is done playing. so i see jeremiah and matt and they are just sitting there playing spit at some random table. they will not notice that we have walked in because they are wayyyyy to involved with their game. but nick will yell "hey tony, where the hell have you been?" and tony will ignore him and just be like 'hey guys this is jeanna someone giver her their pass' because he already lost one will give up their pass so tony will cause a riot and then they will ask me if i am 21 yet. because they know that tony cant tell ages when hes drunk and i will say no im not 21 and then tony will feel stupid for asking me to drink with him......but i will tell them i can handle my alcohol and i will grab a beer from the cooler and challenge the guys to a little drinking game that i dunno the name is....we will play and they decide i cant definitely drink with them as long as i dont get in trouble. so then someone finds tony's backstage pass thingy in the bathroom sink and hands it to me. i disinfect it and put it in my pocket. they are ready to get onstage so i go into the crowd and all these stupid annoying people ask me if im dating one of the guys. i say "im dating alllll the guys" and people give me dirty looks. not because i lied, just because they are jealous that i have befriended mest. after they play fuct up kid they call me onstage and all these dumb people pretend to be me but matt sees me and grabs my hand. he pulls me onstage and they tell the crowd that i am not yet 21 but can handle my alcohol and not to challenge me in the random drinking game i dont know the name of. i jump back into the crowd cuz to tell the truth, i dont feel like standing on the stage anymore. so they finish and tell me to follow them backstage and again all these dumb chicks try to get back there. but i do and i drink with the guys a bit and then they decide they want to go to a bar but i cant get into a bar. so they drive me home and decide they are too lazy to drive to a bar and i ask them if they want to sleep over my house, and they say "okay" because it is not requiring them to spend money on a hotel room so i tell my mom they are sleeping over and she says okay whatever and then they sleep over and it is cool and that is the end except then we are all best friends and we call eachother once a week.....

    lol im such an idiot. i should be put in an to ya'll later, i gotta go listen to subliminal messages in stairway to heaven....

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2004-05-28 18:59 (link)
Hey sry that i'm not a member of this community but i happened to come across it and read this entry, well actually just the song u were listening to- "Stairway to Heaven." but backwards. Is it really true that when its played backgrounds it says some satanic stuff???? j/w.. because thats one of my fav all time songs.

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