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sodomy is a sin (messageoflove) wrote,
@ 2003-07-19 19:59:00
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    Current mood: cranky
    Current music:the tv....i dont know whats on

    red & white
    My team lost the state game yesterday (5-1) sucky. whatev. theres another game tomarrow at 5 i dont wanna go i think we'll lose again. if we lose this game we're done..... im at my cabin again... its kinda lame and next week i'll be up here for the FAMILY reunion... what a drag a bunch of old people and like 5 of us kids. its tight though cuz there will be 3 boats up here. sweeet i hope i can get some wakeboarding in before i leave to camp on the first. seriously thats my goal for the summer to learn how to wakeboard. im supposed to write a letter to noah when he goes to colorado for camp. im going to miss him. vals in oregon again. what the hell is up with her and leaving the state so much?? whatever. i had a sleep over at her house not too long ago. in the morning we jogged and i havent ran in SO long i was going to fall over... i gained like 4 lbs this summer and it ALL goes to my FAT ASS GUT of mine. it sucks. i wish it would go to my butt or something.... whatever stop complaining karl. im gonna go start the beach fire. toodaloo

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