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mercywest (mercywest) wrote,
@ 2012-03-31 11:13:00
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    An Unforgettable Wedding Party
    A wedding party is an important celebration in the life of very couple. And it is a day to give a new starting to the new couple. A s i know, people around me, who would get married very soon, they would not sleep as the usual time, for they always felt excited, and when the day they fall love with each other, they were dreaming of such a day. Actually, when I saw the married couple, i was always in deep thought, because I liked to wonder how my weeding party would be like.

    Today, i want to describe a wedding party that i was once invited to took part in. That was the first time i participated in a party. Of course, I felt very happy. Before attending it, i thought a lot what should i wear,since i would meet a lot of familiar friends, and i wanted to show the beautiful side for the people.

    According the traditional Chinese wedding, the new couple would invited us to a luxury restaurant, and there are a lot of relatives from the couple. The reception, to some extend, was very ceremonious, which was hosted by a witness before the big meal. During such a process, the bride and the groom exchanged their parents-two finger rings.he witness asked the bride and the groom why they bought the same presents ,they answered all with one voice : we are telesthesia . How romantic wedding it is ! I think that will be the most unforgettable memory for the new couples in their life .

    If possible, what i mean is that, if the new couple is in good condition and have a considerate fortune, they will spend some time on their honeymoon. During those days, the couple can enjoy their day to their heart. And the couple will never forget such memories of the days. Even when they become very old, maybe they will tell their their children about this experience.

    As for me, i hope i will have an unforgettable wedding party, since there is only one time in my life.

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