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Mentor Circle (mentors_circle) wrote,
@ 2003-01-01 19:45:00
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    Mission Statement
    Mission Statement:

    The Mentor’s Circle Newsletter is written by the group known as “The Mentor’s Circle”. The Mentor’s Circle is a select group of people, who are experienced in the occult, esoteric and other related subjects. Each Mentor may have a specific specialty, or may be knowledgeable in a range of things. There is a mild screening process for Mentors at the moment. We may or may not arrange a better system. For the moment, we are just setting everything up and we have five permanent Mentors so far. Our Mentors are a whole range of ages from 15 years and up, because we do not discriminate- if we have confidence that you know your stuff then we will treat you equally and fair, just like everyone else.

    Our mission is to help educate beginners in the occult, esoteric and related subjects.

    We want to accomplish this mission a few ways:

    Firstly, this newsletter where our mentors will be writing articles on various things- information, personal experiences, and different things on a whole range of topics including Paganism, Satanism, witchcraft, magic(k), divination, philosophy, psychology, Eastern religions, Mysticism, spirituality and whatever else we can think of to help you along your search for knowledge! Our range of topics however, if we can help it, are not limited to only those but encompass any subject that may be considered under the term of occult or esoteric. Also, on our home web site, there is a free, public discussion forum for anyone to post an inquiry about any occult, esoteric or related subjects to be responded to by our Mentors (ideally) within 3 days of the post. And, if you are looking for someone online to study with you in these subjects, then there is a classified add section to post your inquiry about your desire for a study partner and anyone looking for a study partner can check out the adds and hopefully find and contact a study partner! And on our home page we provide many online research tools and resources that we believe will help you on your search for knowledge! Another way we can help you is if you want more one on one attention, some of our Mentors (but this is not guaranteed) may personally mentor through email, reg. mail, messenger etc. but we leave this up to each Mentor to work out.

    Because we are just starting out we will not be officially offering any personal Mentoring as of yet.

    Finally, remember we are just building up our websites and organisation so we may not be much now, but we will be. So everyone, save the link to our website so you can keep track of our updates! And whenever you have an inquiry in any subjects related to the occult and esoteric then please feel free to ask us on the free, public discussion board located on the front page of our site!

    Sincerely, The Mentor's Circle Manager, Mentor Sethian.

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