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I'll never forget (membersthatnite) wrote,
@ 2003-07-16 23:33:00
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    Current mood: dirty
    Current music:eminem-superman

    ::does the johnny english laugh::
    hell yah...4 more days...well actually in a 1/2 hour itll be 3 days. or sooner. WHO KNOWS!!!??? i drove to lakeside again today and i got a new belly ring. its cool. im just scared its guna fall out :/...then at like 830 me and rosie hung out. haha that was FUN! lol we kept hittin each other and laughin so hard. i duno why. but....i was FUN tho. LOL. even tho we do have brusies.. i duno...DONT ASK. but its hilarious!! so excited to go up north. u dont even kno!!!! anyways...ahh nothin really to write until proboly when i come back from up north. im sure there will be a MILLION ill either keep writing how many days left in here or just wait till i get not sure if im goin to my moms or offense to her but it would be easier if i dont. i still have to do wash and pack and stuff...but i duno..well see what happens!! i cant wait!!!

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