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Melanie (mellbell1210) wrote,
@ 2005-07-12 13:26:00
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    Ok, it's randomness time --

    movie you rented: Aviator (Saw it TWICE this weekend - once with Matt and once with Eric - very good movie!)
    movie you bought: The Terminal, Garden State, and The Little Black Book (Blockbuster had a buy two get one free deal)
    song you listened to: Ying Yang Twins with Adam Levine of Maroon 5 - "Live Again" (very coolio)
    song stuck in your head: Five for Fighting - "100 Years" (so pretty)
    cd you bought: Dave Matthews - "Stand Up" (sniff! sniff!)
    cd you listened to: A sappy mixed cd with Anna Nalick, Sting, Ben Folds Five, Ingram Hill, Alana Grace, Bruce Springsteen, Five for Fighting, Tyler Hilton, etc.
    person that you called: Amelia or Dane
    tv show you watched: Steve Harvey Show, hehe (It's the weekday TBS lineup)
    thing you ate: Chicken fingers and Salt and Vinegar chips (I'm not exactly a health nut if you'll notice)

    DO YOU...
    wish you could live somewhere else: Yes - Atlanta or Denver
    believe in online dating: Nope - My mommy taught me not to talk to strangers
    think others find you attractive: I think so - or so I've been told
    want more piercings: Nope, done
    drink: Yep - probably more than I should
    smoke: Yep - probably more than I should
    like cleaning: Love it - Just got done cleaning my room last night. I don't feel comfortable unless everything is organized and clean - slight OCDness
    like roller coasters: Nah - the thought of my neck getting whipped and snapped around while my intestines swirl around inside my stomach is not quite that appealing.
    love and hate relationships: Err... well, wouldn't that make me bipolar?
    write in cursive or print: Print

    food: OOOOhhh... the list is really quite long, because I am a big fan of food. I like it all - American, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Mexican, Italian, Lebanese, Moroccan, etc.
    color: Blue and Green (Like the earth, hehe)
    thing to do: It varies with my mood - at present, I have a tendency to ride around and listen to music and smoke (Probably not a wise habit since gas prices are insane)
    drink: Water and Sprite - or are we talking alcoholwise? In which case, Jack and Coke and Vodka Tonics
    ice cream: Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia (yums!!)
    clothes: Hmm.. anything Banana Republic, Gap, or Express (But I haven't been shopping in FOREVER, I believe I'm going through withdrawls)
    films: Hmm... I'm never good with this because there's such a wide range of movies that evoke different feelings
    band/singer: Maroon 5, Dave Matthews, Gavin Degraw, Jack Johnson
    season: Summer
    disney movie: I LOVE them all!!
    scent: Hmm... fresh laundry, Ralph Lauren's "Romance", Estee Lauder's "Beyond Paradise, Old Spice's "Sport", the way certain guys smell ;)
    language: English - I've mastered it fairly well
    nickname: Mellyboo
    guy name: Connor or Jayden or Austin
    girl name: Emma or Madison or Peyton or Alyssa or Kaylee
    book: I need to read more
    flower: Blue roses and Calla lillies

    HAVE YOU...
    ever cried over a boy/girl: Last night
    ever liked someone: Yep
    ever been in a fist fight: Nope
    ever been arrested: Nope

    pretty: Sometimes more than other times, not right now
    funny: People laugh, I assume with me, not at me
    hot: Sometimes
    friendly: I try
    amusing: I seem to be, but I don't understand how so
    lovable: Hehe, not at the moment
    dorky: Always

    wallet: Leopard print with no money in it :(
    toothbrush: Purple Oral-B
    pillow cover: White with flowers all over
    coffee cup: I don't drink coffee ergo no coffee cup
    sunglasses: Brown Steve Madden's
    underwear: Red satin one's with little flowers
    shoes: I have no shoes right now since I'm in bed - but otherwise it would more than likely be some pair of flip flops
    top: UAB t-shirt
    what you're wearing right now: my gray UAB t-shirt and some baby blue Nautica sweats (I'm not really matching but I'm comfy)
    make-up: None - haven't really showered or done much maintenance work today

    WHO OR WHAT...
    in your head: Who is in my head? Tim. What is in my head? A brain, some cranial fluid, bone, blood, nerves, etc.
    wishing: I could be happy again
    after this: Probably shower and go study
    talking to: No one - myself
    fetishes: Guy's in suits and ties (::sigh::)
    is next to you: A bottle of Fiji water, a remote control and various other bedroom paraphenalia
    something you're looking forward to this month: My parents going out of town to the Smokies - party at the hizzouse!

    something you're deathly afraid of: Dying painfully and too young
    do you like candles: Love 'em
    do you like hot wax: Not on me?!
    do you like incense: Yes - most, but not all
    taste of blood: Eww
    believe in love: I'm not so sure right now - I believe it exists, I don't know that I will find long-lasting love
    love at first sight: Nope
    worst enemy: Don't really have any
    eat with chopsticks: I AM Asian
    anyone you miss whom you haven't seen in a long time: All my old Birmingham amigos - Kang, Diana, Jenny, Phillip, Quincy, Casey, Kevin

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