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Meiko (meiko_n) wrote,
@ 2003-10-23 13:27:00
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    Current mood: gloomy
    Current music:A song from Gundam 08th MS team (don't know all the titles)

    CD for Meiko
    Not much is happening in my life. Brietta burned me a cd. My dad wants me to give it back b/c its got 1 song by eminem and 1 by lincon park. I plan on keeping it, though. I like the coureses. The rest of the songs are J-pop. I need Brietta to give me a list of the titles.

    I have to do this frech project about our ideal mate. I modeled mine after Trunks so one of my sentences is " Il essencaile(sp) qu'il allie les chevouxe violete aux naturale." (It is essential he have naturally purple hair.) When we do a finished product mine will have a picture of Trunks on it ^_^

    In cooking class today me and the people who hate me were actually getting along. It was a nice change. My orch. teacher asked me if I wanted to commit suicide. I said no but I hesitated. I think I also gave the impression I'm a cutter but I'm not. I don't mind, though. I walked home with Goten and Francesta. It was really cold but me and Goten still stood outside her house and talked. And my bag wore my leg raw but I can handle the pain. I'm a big girl.

    I do well in math, really.
    Jane! A personal Favortie, Jane is Daria's right
    hand man (or woman in her case). She is
    sarcastic cynical and an outcast just like
    Daria. She is very artistic and proud of her 12
    years of straight Cs in math.

    What Daria Character are you?
    brought to you by Quizilla

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2003-10-24 14:52 (link)
OMG OMG OMG i love Linkin Park they are the bestest band i know of.. they are such good song writters and singers.. what song did you get by them.. i love and know them all so it is probley a good one!! And also.. i didnt know you had cooking.. who do you have cooking with, cause i have cooking, we probley both have the same cooking teacher.. lol.. well i gotta go and write in my blurty... btw how did you like that pep rally today.. it was a good one.. lol... ByBye :: waves hand high up in air::

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