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Meiko (meiko_n) wrote,
@ 2003-10-01 05:32:00
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    Current mood: groggy
    Current music:"Spirit" soundtrack

    Can't think of one...Brain still dead
    I got my shot yesterday. I had a weird reaction to it and turned green and woozy. The doctor made me sit with my head down. I didn't get to see myself green but I imagine I looked like the first female namik-jin (w/o anteni).
    I felt tired and sick the rest of the day and fearing I had lock jaw. It seems to be working fine, though.

    Today I went on the school trip to NYC. It was really boring and REALLY cold. The basic theme was the industrial revolution. I did see a bootleg Trunks action figure but never had the chance to buy it even if I had wanted to. Maddy and I got lost b/ we stopped to look at anime and the group went on w/o us. We weren't scared, though. We knew where the group was meeting up later so we waited there. Then arm started to hurt from the shot.

    Last night we went out to eat at Ihop and part of conversation went like so:

    M: Why is the syrup labeled "hot" instead of "syrup".
    Mom: They don't want you to scold yourself and sue them.
    M: ohh.
    M: Trunks should be labeled "hot".
    Mom: Can't we have a moment of peace from Trunks!

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