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meghan (meghan424) wrote,
@ 2005-01-27 16:00:00
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    Current mood:amused

    here it goes
    okay, so after reading katie's blurties for what seems like forever and never really understanding this whole process, i am joining the madness for my rhetoric class this semester. yes, thats right i'm in the rhetoric of cyberculture at university of texas. and our whole grade centers around joining an online community and actively participating in it and interacting with others and then writing three papers about it. so after joining a couple a really wierd ones which freaked me out so i quit, i decided to go the more familiar option of blurty. so everyone comment, talk to me, all that jazz so i have a lot to write my papers about.

    other than the whole "online community" exploration my classes are pretty normal. i'm taking a lot of communication classes to get into advertising. and i'm getting back into the swing of things at texas. i'm living in the zeta house and loving it! today its rainy but other than that the weather has been beautiful. yesterday i think it was like 75 and sunny, i almost layed out. okay well i think this is all for now, but you can definitely count on me actively updating this because, well, its for my grade.

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2005-01-27 17:12 (link)
I deleted Big Hersh from my friends list so I could add you. He's gonna be pretty upset (although he doesn't post too often), but I think I can make the sacrifice for you, dearest Meghan!

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2005-01-27 17:14 (link)
hey, i'm a friend of katie's... just thought i'd comment and help you out a bit. oh, my name's cat, by the way. katie said you used to go to lakeshore? i worked there last summer. so where do you go to college in texas? i went over fall break and visited some people at texas at houston. i'm a freshman here at lambuth, a phi mu. um well ok, just thought i'd say hello.

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2005-01-27 17:34 (link)
hey cat, thanks a ton. it's going to take me a while to get used to this. and i think katie jsut triggered your memory but i know we've met before! and of course, being that im friends with katie, i hear about you and her lakeshore crew a lot. i go to university of texas, its in austin. its a pretty cool town, the real world is here right now so i'm pumped about that. okay well thanks for the help and have a great day!

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hey hey hey
2005-01-27 23:23 (link)
Heeellooo Meghan. Now you've become a nerd like the rest of us. How's school going? Awesome. If you need something to talk about, Mayor "Willie" announced today that he has fathered a child to a woman he's not married too. Surprise, surprise. Who didn't see that on coming? Ok, ok, you might not want to write about that, but I watch the news and thought it was funny....until next time...

Drew Tomas

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2005-01-28 00:00 (link)
HAHAHAHAHA my sister is the biggest cyber-loser ever! if only you had watched napoleon dynamite, i could make fun of you even more. i hope you make lots and lots of friends in cyberland. and meet a really cool guy. kate

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2005-01-28 12:09 (link)
Don't worry, Meg. Katharine's just jealous of your new-found internet community. She wishes she could be apart of it, too, but she (like you at one time) is just too cool... hehe. I mean, come on Kate, you're on facebook. Isn't that along the same lines here?! You know you want to join, too...

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