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Meghan Passin (megg_) wrote,
@ 2003-06-19 22:22:00
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    Current mood:annoyed
    Current music:Beat It :: Michael Jackson

    Where gonna party like its 1999
    Mm mm Mm

    that sweet smell of rejection.

    I hung out with Jeremy, Keri, Gina, Brad, Keri, Brads Kitten, and that new girl Katie today. Cool people.

    I need to learn to keep my mouth shut and my feelings bottled up from now on. I also have to learn that Im all looks and no brains so if you want a smart chick, dont come knocking on my dorm door. But if you want a flirty, stupid, air head, who wants nothing but to be disrespected, then by all means the door is open.

    Iam so tired of this bullshit. Im so tired of everything and everyone. Im tired of patience and unhappiness. Im tired of guys who only want an easy fuck hitting on me. Im tired of it all. Im tired of opening my mouth when I shouldnt. Of hoping I can find someone decent, when I need to realize that I never will. And even if I do, Im not half as smart or funny as some of the girls (or guys) on campus and I will never have what I want.

    What I need more or less.

    So go ahead. Everyone. Tear me apart. Im wide open for abusive relationships.

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2003-06-18 22:37 (link)
meggizzle is fineizzle. if anyone has a problem call kerizzle


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2003-06-18 22:40 (link)
I friggen love you Keri

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2003-06-18 22:40 (link)
I hate the guys here.
Well, not all of them.
But a few.

Life's one big fucking game to them and we're the little pawns they try and abuse and what not. It really sucks. I have emotions and I prefer that they do not get squished or ignored. But I guess I'm the only one who cares about me, so I should just crawl into a hole and life with myself, and myself only, forever.

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2003-06-18 22:43 (link)
Im tired of everyone looking to me as only a bubble head or some dumbass because I might be happy or cheerful, sometimes. Well now, they can all fuckign suck it because Im not going to sit there and hope that they can somehow see me for anything more. Im fucking done with everyone.

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2003-06-18 23:16 (link)
Megg. I cant explain the feelings that I have on this subject. I can relate to you deply, because I feel the same way. People think that 'Oh, Mari is so happy' and 'Oh, she is such a ditz'. I feel conscious of myself and I feel different.

Megg. Hun. Im here for you. Thanks for opening up my eyes

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2003-06-19 09:26 (link)
Thank you. Its nice to know someone is there that feels the same.

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2003-06-18 23:20 (link)
megg id try and help you out but im shallow and mean and stupid and selfish and conceided and dumb and brain dead and just plain...

a guy

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2003-06-19 00:57 (link)

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2003-06-19 09:24 (link)
Wow Brad. Way to go for saying that about your self. None of it is true and why did you just lower yourself to that? Your a fine person and I never even considered you as any of that. Please never says things like that about yourself again. You dont deserve it.

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