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MediaGadfly (mediagadfly) wrote,
@ 2004-10-28 03:22:00
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    Current mood: contemplative
    Current music:Sleepy Jackson

    A line in the sand
    I am officially a vampire. I am wide awake at 3:30 in the morning and I won't even tell you how late I slept in today. No more. I've got to stop this, especially as the days get shorter. I am going to force myself to get up early tomorrow no matter what. Despite my vampirish ways, I did get a bunch accomplished today before class. Yay. Called my insurance co and asked a bunch of questions, set up 2 dr. appointments, made a dent in catching up on entries in my media journal.

    Today I had the only class I enjoy, political communication. Professor Wilder had 2 guests so class flew by. One was a chick from a PAC- Downtown for Democracy

    Her names was Kristen I think and she passed out the print ads that they've been using to reach the youth vote and I grabbed one that I think Steve would appreciate. She was a real adorable girl and it was amazing to see someone so motivated, passionate, and most of all, positive. First Kristen explained PACs and soft vs hard money etc. then she spoke about the work the group was doing in swing states, with the youth vote, etc. Then Kristen showed an awesome commercial that is being shown in a few of the big swing states.
    Next up was some dude whose name and position is a blank for me. I know I have a shitty memory. Anyway, mr. x spent a lot of time illustrating the point that politicians tailor the message according to their base/audience. His message could have been delivered in half the time. Then we watched a few clips from The Control Room(must put on Netflix) and Journeys with George (saw it and hated it more this time around). About the later, I originally saw it pre 9/11 and found myself liking or at least tolerating Bush. This time around, the same stuff that was "cute" about him reviles me.

    Allison met me in the city for coffee just before class yesterday and as always, it was a gab fest. It sort of sucks we don't see one another more often, we just can't stop talking to one another. I can't think of a person I enjoy talking to more (sweetie being the exception of course).

    I've been ruminating. I love it when I am like this, really in the moment but at the same time sort of detached and not too emotional. One of the big things has been friendships. I haven't put in much of an effort into developing and maintaining friendships these past years because I had Chris and George and screw everyone else. Well at least not up until about 2 years ago and then I put too much into friendships. Or rather, I put up with too much. I've been undervaluing myself basically. I've been wasting my time on people who don't value my friendship or give me what I am looking for out of a friendship. While I don't mind having a number of casual friends, I much rather have a few close chums than a slew of casual acquaintances.

    The New School is beginning to seem a little more promising than I had originally thought. Not everyone is pretentious, most are hipsters though but I can look past that. I think I may have been a bit intimidated by them all and that led me to a hasty judgment.

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