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Mechanical Knee (mechanical_knee) wrote,
@ 2003-10-20 15:32:00
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    Current mood: guilty
    Current music:Don't Stay - Linkin Park

    I'm Sorry
    I feel like shit. I had a crappy boring day at work and all day I thought about Kim, and how I was a jerk lastnight.
    I don't know what I was thinking, no sense in coming up with an excuse or anything. We were talking on the phone lastnight, and after a bit, I wanted to go to bed. She kept saying that she wanted to talk, and I was kinda rude and insisted that I had to get some sleep. She sounded hurt when the phonecall ended, and I feel just terrible...I messaged an apology this morning onto her phone but no response yet..I'm such a fucking prick sometimes

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2003-10-20 19:58 (link)
you didn't get my message???

heh! how weird...I sent one that said... "What can I say... You are an ass. I guess I love asses... ha ha ha..."

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2003-10-23 15:55 (link)
Wow, you've been posting!!!!! Tres cool. I read them all since your return from Calgary.
I am just at UBC now, sending some e-mails and waiting for my next class.
Going to see the RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS tonight, YEAH!!!!!!!!

I think I will faint when I see Anthony Kiedis *drools*!!!!

This is one of the points on which Luke totally rocks!!!!!

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