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princess (meant2be913) wrote,
@ 2003-12-01 18:26:00
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    Current mood: loved
    Current music:sure shot--->Yellowcard

    jamie is so fucken awesome
    i had basketball try outs today....ugh...but i did good lol it was all because jamie chase told me to put a pennie for good luck in my shoe and say it was from her...well i did and i hit a nasty layup when we were doin 1v1's it was like a hook shot lol thank you jamie! your my good luck charm haha ....other than that my day was pretty much nikki wasnt in school so i was a little my throat hurts xtremely bad...i wish i culd feel better.....i think becki gave me a bunch of her clothes..and her AE not sure yet but i really really hope so cuz there are some hott shirts in there...well imma go eat icecream with the hopes of making my throat feel better...
    <3 princess

    ::9 13::
    ive lived through the days
    ive lived through the nights
    ive had my loves ive had my fights
    you gota have my <3heart<3

    --->my top ten<---
    (jamies list everyday lol)
    1. i did good in school
    2. i got shoes
    3. i got shirts
    4. i did good in bball
    5. jamie got me a code for the journal thing ive wanted forever lol
    6. i hung out wit cheeco
    7. glenn likes me aww!!
    8. i got french fries
    9. im in a gooood mood
    10. jamie leaves the bestest comments ever

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Hey Kimmie!!!!
2003-12-01 19:16 (link)
haha dont ya jus love the subject?? well anywayz you told me to post a comment so i am. Good luck at the last tryouts 2mrra.. I hope u make Varsity.. that'd be awesome.. I could go watch you play! :-) lol.. yea anywayz I will go watch you play.. We need to hang out sumtime soon iight? well im out.. peace

<3Heather B.

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Hey My Love!!!
2003-12-01 20:48 (link)
That is soo rad, you put a penny in your shoe! i told you it would work<33.! (obviously)! i hope you make varsity and ill come watch you play *maybe* sometime.. and be your number 1 cheerleader ha that'd be ill fo'chizzle! this is me doing my every day thing now.. writting in your journal.! im so pumped.. i cant wait to hang out with you, dont forget we still gotta play themm cool kid boys in soccer. i hope your throat feels better <33 and i hope you doo supertastic in tryouts tommorow<333!
i love you!
<3 Jamie

p.s- i got you a liveournal code too :)

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2003-12-03 10:08 (link)
bored bored bored...well i guess ill c ya online n mad sick right now and my neck hurts...ok i got nothing to say so im gonna go

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