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iM tRyiNg tO fOrgEt tAt iM aDdiCtEd tO U. (me_n_you) wrote,
@ 2003-05-19 22:50:00
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    Current mood: hot

    wadda long day...
    Wad a tiring start off the day,I was a little late for school..I think its like,the 4th time?!~...
    Miss kang gave me that stare as usual..Then gave her the declaration form and sat down for History...
    -sighs- My work...I think I gonna flunk at least 3 subjects...seriously..
    After school,went opposite school to find cindial..Ate breakfast with Kaixin,Cindial,Charmaine,Winnie,Kalen,Zi hui and Xin yAn..someting lidat..then ate liao brought cindial and charmaine home...Before I stepped out of the house,got another lecture...I have been getting 1001 lectures for the past few days..sO this iS nothiNg...
    Went to study with Tricocia..Later on Cindial,Wendy Charmaine and Beeti joined us..after Beeti came,no mood to study already..Haix...What am I going to do man?!...Im such a failure!~ -sighs-
    AFter that,walked around and Tricocia went to talk to Jolene (e coral Sec buNg)..sHe sO sKinnY!~ =x
    Took a bus and came home..Kor (eE tieN) sAy got this fwen wanna noe me..i talked to him before on the phone - for awhile only..N i labelled him 'lamer'...
    Changed and played basketball..In between msged the lamer..Found out that he is maggie's ex stead.. (wTf!) and he said he was just playing with her..No wonder only lasted for 1weeks plus... tSktSk...kOr told me he yandao and bBall i give a damn bout this.. =x well well..
    Now...I just came back half an hour ago..haix..Going le lAh...Go le go le..Stop nagging......! bye~ -sighs-

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2003-05-20 01:17 (link)
I like boys who is good in basketball but i hate lame people. LoL
He is such a flirt. Sometimes it's very hard to predict what gonna happen but be careful who knows you might be the next victim. I think it's good to be friends. You kor seem to be helping that guy to convince you that he's good. Right, like we girls give a damn about that ;)

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2003-05-20 07:08 (link)
No la you not failure la, next time study with us in school? Like never see you around liddat, then today you didn't sit with us. I missed you!

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