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LoVe.Is.PaIn (mawerfawker) wrote,
@ 2003-07-08 20:24:00
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    Current mood: pissed off
    Current music:Nirvana- Lithium

    im going to be cool too :-D
    [four beverages you drink frequently]
    1. Milk
    2. Pepsi
    3. flat coke (mm)
    4. water

    [four tv shows you liked when you were a little kid]
    1. where's waldo!
    2. inspector gadget
    3. reading rainbow
    4. ren n stimpy

    [four places to go in your area]
    1. Beach!
    2. play ground!!
    3. river
    4. ummm stores?

    [four things to do when you're bored]
    1. Go online
    2. sleep
    3. put posters up
    4. Music

    [four things that never fail to cheer you up]
    1. talkin to becki!
    2. talkin to bourassa! lol
    3. listening to music
    4. sleeping!

    [four things you can't live without]
    1. Showers
    2. pepsi
    3. Sleep
    4. ice cream!

    [about ten years ago *list three things*]
    1. i was 7
    2. i fell head first down stairs and my cuz jumped after me!
    3. I thought water was tasteless kool-aid

    [about four years ago *list three things*]
    1. i was 13
    2. just got into aol
    3. was obsessed with brandon holmes and dated him

    [about one year ago *list three things*]
    1. was put away
    2. was thin
    3. Derrick... no need to say more.

    1. Woke up
    2. babysat
    3. fought

    [seven things you love]
    1. Jake
    2. my friends
    3. pot
    4. becki
    5. smirnoff ice! lol
    6. pukers cards:-o
    7. my puppy

    [seven things you dislike]
    1. people who hurt me on purpose
    2. pete (fagget)
    3. cheerleaders
    4. my family
    5. nightmares
    6. panic attacks
    7. cats n snakes!

    [seven things on your desk]
    1. pepsi bottle book (omg i read?)
    3. lotion ;-)
    4. MCDONALDS VISOR! haha
    5. green hair jell
    6. blank cd's
    7.sober chip lol (right)

    [seven facts about you]
    1. I moved in may
    2. I love jake
    3. i hate how im treated sometimes
    4. I'm borderline skitzaphrenic :(
    5. I have black hair?
    6. im a stoner for life
    7. herion, and crack scare me as much as snakes!

    [4 artists/bands/people should give a listen to]
    1. KoRn
    2. MSI
    3. unearth
    4. kittie

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