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MauritiusApartments (mauritiusapartm) wrote,
@ 2011-07-14 17:17:00
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    Mauritius – The 2 Best Regions.

    The Mauritius West Coast:

    Mauritius Apartments

    Flic En Flac is the all round perfect family beach attraction with a great range of comfortably prepared Mauritius Apartments and several other rental accommodation at your disposal.

    It sports a super choice of bars and eating houses offering holidaymakers who simply desire a unruffled lifestyle the chance to not cook at all and instead take a saunter on the exquisite tropical beach which is one of the really top-quality on the island and best-known around the world.

    Local specialities include a delicious Creole sauce, Indian curries and spicy hot patties from the numerous beach sellers.

    There are Maurtius Self Catering units ready for tourists traveling alone, couples and larger groups and provide the better solution for the ideal holiday.

    The sunsets on the West Coast are renowned the world over and are utterly brilliant with wonderful rocky coral reef working as a natural barrier for the warm blue lagoon.

    Sports facilities are on hand everywhere such as sailing, parasailing, snorkelling are hot on a year round basis.

    The Mauritius North Coast:

    Rent Apartments in Mauritius

    Grand Bay is based in the Northeast of Mauritius and it is the earliest and most traditional core of tourism is perhaps the most well known tourist hot spot in Mauritius.

    It was once just a small fishing village many years ago and is nowadays a lively, vibrant and fashionable tourist destination for all types of holidaymakers and it is situated on a ravishing on the most delightful bay.

    A shopping and leisure time heaven and a it's well known as a place haunted by the locals as well when searching for a great night out.

    The main town center is also a departure place for day trip excursions to the umpteen smaller Islands.

    Local coaches run often between Port Louis the Capital and Grand Bay so expediting the journey and waiting is thus minimised.

    Inland and nearby is the beautiful, ancient and fully mature Botanical Gardens at Pamplemousses where old and special varieties of flora life can be found among the huge trees and a fine collection of endemic flora.

    There is a fine selection of holiday Apartments in Mauritius Holiday to choose from such as hotels, flats and villas to rent, and in and around the central town area is a shoppers dream.

    You can bargain for informal clothing, spices, sandals, beach wear and intricately braided wall coverings as well as buy fine garments and suits for a fraction of the European price.

    There is newly built centre along the main strip to the beach and hosts , eating houses and arcade facilities which are fashionable with the visitors on a daily basis.

    Highly recommended sports activities include diving, wind surfboarding, kite surfing, sailing, paragliding, snorkelling, sportfishing, boating and so many others.

    Apartments in Mauritius

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villas in ibiza
2012-02-22 02:41 (link)
I am traveling to Mauritius next month therefore i am looking for best accommodation for me. Its my pleasure that i visited this blog and come to know about these superb apartments which are best suited for comfort and pleasant stay.

villas in ibiza

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