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matthew ryan phillippe (mattphillippe) wrote,
@ 2003-08-07 04:12:00
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    Current mood:ANGRY & SORE

    05 ¬ apologize for another day . .
    ::his tongue's soft skin peeked outward between injured peached lips while lifting a hand to his head. easily soft fingertips raked through curly locks of blonde while clouded gaze narrowed. the metallic taste mixed with saliva tackled taste-buds while swallowing a bit::

    . . i . . justin and then . . chris started punching and i was punching and it . . afterwards justin started spazzing out and . . fuck, fuck, fuck. i had a . . and joshua for attacking tobey. i'd gotten so mad . . and the comments made about reese. i just . . i lost it and . .

    ::twinned eyebrows lowered immensely forming infamous wrinkles against his forehead while letting his blurred gaze poise over the parked black car::

    reese and ava are home wondering where i am . . probably and i'm . . damn it. she's going to . . flip when she sees . .

    :: . . assuming he'd retreat to his parked car while letting hazel-eyed gaze outlined with black due to the various punches to his face shoot a glance over his sore shoulder. he'd . . seen the others gathering things and checking up on . . instead of hanging around he'd let his attention move back towards the car again. the slight stumble with walk as he . . wondered how he was going to explain this::

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2003-08-07 07:26 (link)
*glances over at where justins sitting, still calming down, unsteadily standing up, glancing over at everyone else to make sure they wernt looking as he starts unsteadily walking, his voice barely audible to the actors ears* so...i dont suppose your gonna be messin' with my brother or anything now right? *licks over his pouty bottom lip, wincing slightly as the metalic taste, bringing thick fingers up to brush over his wounded bottom lip, frowning*

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2003-08-07 07:29 (link)

::blurred hazel-eyed hues narrowed slightly while the distraught expression settled over his lightly bruised image. reluctantly he'd . . halted with walk before slowly turning around in order to make direct eye contact with the nsyncer. both of them beaten up pretty badly as he'd let his weight move back onto heels. he swallowed hard while toned arms dangled beside his narrowed figure, limp-like::

. . what do you think.

::he . . offered a heated glare and maybe he should have kept quiet but he was so fucking angry. in response he'd brushed off the . . conversation as a turn over his shoe's heel before resuming his stumbled walk towards his parked car::

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2003-08-07 07:34 (link)
*swallows hard at the mixture of saliva and blood that almost seems to be constantly mixing in his mouth as he takes a couple of steps closer to ryan*

Id hope youd make the right choice and not try and fuck up my brother. Id really suggest you dont...*trails off, his posture still tense dispite the soreness beginning to creep over his husky frame, watching as the skinnier man walks off towards his car, walking after the actor at a much slower pace*

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2003-08-07 07:36 (link)

::he'd . . heard the footsteps from behind. this provoked the arch an uneasy eyebrow as well as the turn over his shoe's heel, in order to pivot and face the familiar image. the unamused expression lightly fell over bruised features while bloody peached lips parted thin::

. . is that a threat, hotshot?

::he'd . . told himself over and over to shut up . . but instead another step was taken towards the larger man. his right hand arose from his side while his palm pushed against the nsyncer's chest::

. . get the fuck away from me, man.

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2003-08-07 07:36 (link)
~hugging myself, I move outside and watch the two of them for a moment~ Chris I suggest that you go back and look after your friend. Justin needs you right now... and you should be with him. Not out here. ~rubbing my arms, I watch the singer closely before shaking my head~ Enough really is enough... and pretty soon and I am going to get angry enough to really hurt someone. So I suggest that you go and see if Justin is alright... and leave Ryan alone. I think... for one night you have done more than enough.

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2003-08-07 07:41 (link)

::his gaze drifted towards zhang while . . taking a step back away from the larger man. despite image he'd offered a small smile towards her while stumbled steps were taken in her direction::

. . it's been a crazy night.

::blurred look focused on her portrait while letting his weight lean a little to the left::

. . is justin alright?

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2003-08-07 07:45 (link)
Crazy is not the word for what this night has been... I am not sure what the word is in English... but I certainly know in Chinese. ~I snuggle into the large hoodie I wear for a moment before moving towards him before he falls~ Maybe... for a moment you should just sit down Ryan. You are in no condition to drive... both of your eyes are swelling shut... ~wincing as I see the damage that has been done~ And what you really should be doing is going to the hospital to see if anything is broken... like ribs for example. ~I move to his side to slide his arm over my shoulder before I help him take a few steps to have a seat near his car~

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2003-08-07 07:50 (link)

::he swallowed once more while offering . . another half smile of sorts upon hearing her comment concerning his own. twinned eyebrows lowered immensely forming those infamous creases against his forehead while letting his stance lean a little further to the left but feeling her lightweight offered as a support. his tongue's soft skin peeked outward between reddened lips as a light moisten was offered before willingly allowing his arm to slide over her narrowed shoulders. his shoes' bottoms pressed into the hard ground as skidded steps were taken towards the parked black car::

. . i have to get home before ree . .

::his voice trailed briefly while eyelids lowered over gaze as view blackened momentarily before shaking his head quick::

i'm alright really. i . . don't like hospitals anyway.

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2003-08-07 07:52 (link)
*sighs, his fists coiled at his sides, clearly annoyed with the two of them but in no mood to fight, more concerned with his bandmate, glancing over in the direction of his fellow bandmate, a worried expression etched on his face before turning to the two of them, his voice sharp as he calls after ryan, taking steps towards the direction of his bandmate*

Hes fine Ryan. Just YOURSELF a favor, and can any ideas of trying to fuck with JC...and yeah, that IS a threat....dont make that mistake. Im warning you.

*offers a polite smile as his eyes shift to the smaller woman standing next to him* there isnt gonna be anymore fighting here. i have more important things to attend to dont worry, just...just see that he gets taken care of or apologies...i just get a tad defensive...

*gives Ryan one last sharp glare as a warning, turning unsteadily as he makes his way back over to justin, sitting down next to the younger man*

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2003-08-07 08:00 (link)
~my dark eyes flash as I glare at Chris for a moment~ You are right... there will be no more fighting. I am not going to allow anymore to happen. Justin is already hurt... is that not enough? Your apology would mean so much more... if you did not continue to threaten Ryan in the same breath.

~my tiny hands ball into fists as my sides as my stomach rolls with anger~ And here is my own threat. You go anywhere near Ryan... or Tobey... or anyone else for that matter... and I will take your fucking head off. You are three times my size... and yet I can stand here and know without a doubt that I could really hurt you. Please... do not make me. You have had your say. You have proven your point... that you defend your friends to the bitter end. Well so do I. Just because I have a black belt in karate and a doctorine in Kung Fu does not mean I like to use either in violent ways. But I will... so help me Chris... should you try that again when I am around.

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2003-08-07 08:04 (link)
*shakes his head, sighing, wincing a little at the sharp twinge of pain he feels from simply moving his head*

There isnt a need for threats...just tell your friend to stay away from not going to let him beat him up. im sorry if you have a problem with that, but im not gonna allow it. tobey got what he deserved. you dont mess with other peoples wives...

i dont have anything else to prove here. my points been proven. i dont like violence neither but ill do whatever i gotta do...

*shakes his head, just holding up his hand before going back to tend to his bandmate, helping justin up off of the floor, walking the two of them to his car so he can bring the younger man home*

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2003-08-07 07:55 (link)
You are not alright Ryan... ~a frown plays across my full, pretty lips as I shake my head~ You look like you are about to fall over. If I held up two fingers you would tell me I held up four. You could have concussion... in fact I would bet money on the fact that you do. You may not like hospitals... you may not like doctors... but since you can not drive... and I can... I guess we are pretty much going where I take you. ~I turn my head slightly to look over at him before letting out a soft sigh~ I would feel better if someone got a look at you... it would ease my mind. But at the same time I can not force you to do something you really do not want to do. That is not the kind of person that I am. If you really want to go home in this condition... I will take you.

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2003-08-07 08:00 (link)

::his chin arose a little while hazel-eyed hues outlined in black poised over chris's retreating figure and hearing him mumble something. unfortunately the actor didn't pay enough attention nor did he care. one hand arose from his narrowed side and to his head while soft fingertips lightly touched his eyebrow. easily he'd leaned back against the car while letting his freehand dig into denim-clad pocket. her words seemingly . . echoed into hear while nodding some in response but not quite catching what she said.::

. . zhang this isn't . . reese is going to be so upset w . .

::he swallowed once more while letting heavy eyelids fall over gaze once more::

. . and joshua. what he fucking did to tobey . .

::the thought . . made him mad. his fight with chris and being shoved against the wall didn't even matter.::

you don't have to do this. i . . it was stupid but i can't take it back. i'm not even usually like this. i don't even know where all of this anger came from and now i look . . i have filming in the morning a . .

::his voice . . trailed while slowly lowering his slendered bodice into a seating position, situated::

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2003-08-07 08:08 (link)
Tobey will be fine... ~stating softly as I turn away from Chris to focus my attention back on him~ Tobey will be just fine... and what is done is done. No one is normally a violent person... it takes something to set them off. Knowing that your friends was hurt... was what it took to set you off. I know you want to defend him but he does not need a war Ryan. ~I have a seat beside you and hug my knees as I watch you carefully~ None of this is going to help him in the end. The fighting... the threats... which even I am guily of... are not going to help. Tobey is a big boy... who can fight his own battles. JC and him needed to get that out. Both of them needed closure and that is what they got. It might not have been the best way to get it... ~trailing off, I lift my shoulders in a slight shrug~ But it is closure none the less and now both of them can move on.

~I reach into my pocket and pull out yet another kleenex before I start to dab away more blood from the cuts on his face~ If you have filming in the morning I really do hope that you have a miracle worker for a make up artist. ~I am as gentle as can be as I try to clean him up a bit~

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