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*KaTiE* (materialgirl911) wrote,
@ 2003-10-23 17:39:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:"a voice within" by christina aguilera

    well today we had the mother/daughter picnic/boutique! it was really funn cuz my mom bought good food from corner bakery in calabasas.. and she also got me a flower and balloons. then my mom and i went into the hall to look at what was there and they had alot of cute stuff .. frankie b and other stuff from the jean shack and then they also had alotta knockoffs from louis vuitton. then my mom bought me a knockoff of a big lous vuitton purse but that was expensive haha .. but my mom was being nice. and then i had powerwalking after that with camille .. haha so we meditated and slept for like an hour and a half so that was awesome..

    and then im so excited about tomorrow. tomorrow i get to go to the chaminade game with taylor boyd and hopefully alotta chaminade people will be there .. cuz i miss my chaminade people <333 haha .. and then saturday i have community service at motion picture in the mroning, and then at night im going to the fright fest halloween dance at crespi from 8-11 .. and then sunday UNFORTUNATELY im going to palm springs to visit family! haha..

    but life is pretty good right now. im happy with my friends. although i totally miss alana and kimmie .. and im appreciating what i have alot right now .. because my moms friend is going through a really tough financial situation right now.. =/ and i feel really bad .. i love you guys!! youre in myprayers!!

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hi its carlos
2003-10-23 23:59 (link)
Hi its carlos well i hope you had a good time at the boutique and i hope you have a good time at the dance and hopefully yur moms friend gets her financial situation settled well thats it bye

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