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The Matchbox Project (matchboxproject) wrote,
@ 2009-07-13 10:03:00
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    the favourite person box - left on Riley st, Darlinghurst
    Each week, a decorated matchbox with a tiny present hidden inside is left by a girl (and sometimes willing friends) somewhere in her travels. It's a random act of semi-artistic kindness aimed at disrupting someone's day in a tiny but positive way. That's if they dare to pick it up...


    Check out where Matchboxes are being left on this map!

    Find out where boxes are being left and be part of the treasure hunt:
    Follow the Matchboxproject on Twitter

    It's been much longer than a week or even two since I've left a box for a myriad of ridiculous reasons. There was the Hunter Valley with friends, then I accidentally killed the Internet at home by watching too much TV on my laptop (or maybe by typing google into google ), then my cameras remained unfixed, then Melbourne to see the Dali and the John Brack show, which was excellent.

    I like this box. It's the favourite person box - the idea is you keep it with you so that when you suddenly need to celebrate, you can open and dispense it enthusiastically. Probably whilst shouting YAY!!!

    I've also embarked on a second project that I've become quite obsessed with.. I volunteered to decorate all the disposable coffee cups from Cafe Giulia in Chippendale for a week. Initially I wanted each to be different before I found out they turned over around 2000 cups per week. So instead, we have faces! I'm hoping to make everyone's morning coffee/tea experience more animated and have taken over the kitchen bench at home, which the boys have been very nice about.


    Tony's been pretty busy organising his new poly-venue artist-run gallery Watch This Space which has grown exponentially in the past few of months. Some matchbox pics were included in this extremely experimental show they did at World Bar a few weeks back and I'm always chuffed to be involved in anything the boy gets up to, even if it does require sitting still for quite some time for his latest speciality - iPhone finger paintings. I also got interviewed by ABC radio about the matchbox project a few weeks ago - so stoked! It was strange being interviewed over the phone when I knew it was live on-air and I got pretty nervous as the time got closer. But it was great fun and just last week at work I learnt how to record interviews in the radio booth, which was awesome, only I hung up on my talent on first attempt :)

    This week I'm going to have about a hundred little things in the Australian Centre for Photography in Paddington, as part of a small show called 'Tiny Acts of Civil Disobedience'. It'll be open from July 16 (come for the opening, I think it must be from 6pm) until August 5. I'm trying this new thing where you can pick up a box, leave it wherever you like then email me its location - I'm going to see how far we can spread them in 5 weeks and map it on a Google mash up map! Come and play!


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2009-07-30 07:25 (link)
Hiiiii! wow an IT Crowd reference! that was a delightful thing to come across in reading one of my favourite blogs!
the latest matchboxes are looking fab, and i'll try my very best to swing past the gallery to pick one up after school tomorrow. the thing is i'd be so tempted to keep it myself i'm not sure i'd be able to let it go! ah but anyhow... i must also say i adore the coffee cups, they are completely amazing! Loving how you're always coming up with new and interesting ideas to brighten up the day. :)

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2009-07-30 19:37 (link)
wow thanks so much!! You're very welcome to take a few boxes, so you can have one for yourself and the others to spread round! Just be sure to tell me where they end up so I can map them :)

I'm really excited about the coffee cups!!! They take so long to do, I'm currently in the process of cutting out another 400 pink cheek circles by hand! x

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2010-08-18 05:13 (link)
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