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The Matchbox Project (matchboxproject) wrote,
@ 2009-06-08 23:02:00
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    cute things only - left at clippers cafe, glebe pt road*
    Each week, a decorated matchbox with a tiny present hidden inside is left by a girl (and sometimes willing friends) somewhere in her travels. It's a random act of semi-artistic kindness aimed at disrupting someone's day in a tiny but positive way. That's if they dare to pick it up...


    It's an itty bitty knitted finger puppet of a lama that I thought I'd lost somewhere in the horrible mess that is my bedroom. Haline bunnies gave it to me a couple months ago and it made me so happy but still did not prevent it being misplaced. Haline Ly is a good buddy of my friend Matt, a smiley girl and a very talented illustrator. We met last year when I was helping out with some artist talks at their old high school. I like her, she looks like what photos tell me my mother looked at her age and she is so very friendly. We started corresponding only via mail and it's always a nice surprise to hear from her.

    A couple weeks back I went to see Three Minute Sydney, which was the opening night of the Creative/Vivid Sydney festival. Matt gave a talk and his time lapse illustration video was incredible. Two thirds of the way through I was super surprised to see a sketch of a matchbox present appear on a massive screen in front of everyone. One of the most beautiful surprises ever.

    * new favourite cafe :)


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may i?
2009-06-21 07:25 (link)
hi, i recently read about your amazing matchboxes in Reader's Digest, and I was wondering, is there any sort of copyright or exclusivity on these works, because i think this is an incredible idea, and i'd love to try doing the same, leaving simple lil matchboxes around my school and public transport on the central coast, but only if i had your permission. would there be any problem with this? i would definitely put a link to this blog on each one.

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2009-07-12 20:41 (link)
so cool - go for it! and keep me posted as to where they go.

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2009-07-12 16:08 (link)
hello i would like to find that person who is leaving the matchbox for an idea i have. adriano owner clipper cafe

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2009-07-12 20:42 (link)
cool - i'll say hello next time i'm in!

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2010-08-18 05:13 (link)
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