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Matt Whitlock (mat7907) wrote,
@ 2003-05-12 00:21:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current music:the casulties- kill everyone

    look out blurty, and all you emo-licous fags
    after deciding ujournal was too slow i have moved to blurty

    do not chalenge me,
    do not chalenge my opinions
    and do not chalenge my opinion on punk rock
    i was born into it,
    and although i am only 15, i have most likly gone to the warped tour more than you have
    my life is about my music,
    do not upset me,
    all who defy me will suffer (necromancer in d2)

    emo sucks
    and all you emo people are enemies
    all you emo fags will suffer

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2003-05-16 21:04 (link)
Fuck you! You must be a fucking punk ass, "oh im cool", "i know everything about rock", combat boot wearing, skin head nazi huh? Or, let me have a mohawk? are in a band? Awwww, your 15 too and you think your cool. How FUCKING cute! How bout you grow up, mature a little, get some balls, learn how to spell, then you can talk to me and comment on my shit. your not cool, your not punk. Punk isnt mohawks, spikes and combat boots. Punks all about personality, which is something you OBVIOUSLY dont have. Ill defy and challenge you all I want, because...your not punk. You dont see "The Casualties" running around insulting peoples views and beliefs do you. So how about you leave me the FUCK alone and dont comment EVER on my shit.

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2003-05-16 21:28 (link)
o boy, that was one high quality post, anyone who cals themself a punk is one ass licking fag, so you can get over you gay loser emo ass, and fuck yourself good charlotte boy.

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2003-05-16 21:50 (link)
oh, and commenting with marquees isnt gay? but wait, let me guess...its punk huh? And did I call myself punk at all, because I dont think I did.

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2003-05-17 12:00 (link)
ahahhahahahhahahhahhaha, ur fucking gay

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