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Mary Anne (mary_anne) wrote,
@ 2002-08-21 14:54:00
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    I am definitely bored. Another sex survey.
    This one is called How Do You Like Your Sex?. Let's see. 1. I am happiest during sex when I'm: being penetrated. 2. I feel lonely in bed when: after masturbation, when I know that my sexual partner (actually the guy I'm in love with) it's not in town. 3. The ideal sexual relationship would be: Just like the one I have now. Sometimes I wish we could do it somewhere else, but this one is just fine. No commitment, doing weird stuff every time we can. 4. Favorite erotic film: Kalifornia. it's not erotic but turns me on a lot. 5. Favorite author: All the fans that write on the internet... not one in specific. 6. What makes you moan? Kisses in the neck, touching my clit... and everything else, I moan a lot during sex. 7. In bed...Introvert or extrovert? both. 8. Do you think too much during sex? Not at all, if I start thinking I get scared. 9. If you could have sex anywhere in the world, where would it be? Spa in Cancun, any expensive hotel ell day. 10. A famous person you would like to have sex with: David Duchovny and Elijah Wood. At the same time. 11. Do you believe in sexually organized religion? That's funny. I guess, yeah..... wait, organized?? 12. Pro-sex or anti-sex? Pro-Sex!!! Pro-Sex!!! Pro-Sex!!! Pro-Sex!!! Pro-Sex!!! Pro-Sex!!! Pro-all-kind-of-sex!!! (except with animals) 13. Are you a vegetarian or do you like big hard meat? Pro-Sex!! oh sorry, are we already in the next question???... I rather prefer chicken. 14. Do you support the death penalty? at times. Bad orgasms deserve the death of the guy/girl who was trying to bring me to the edge with one finger, with not knowledge of how to touch *that* spot. bastard. (sorry, I've got suddenly attacked by memories...) 15. Do sexy angelic beings exist? David Duchovny or Elijah Wood can prove that! 16. What sexual act would you most like to be doing right now? whatever that bring me to orgasm RIGHT NOW. 17. Do you have any sexual regrets? No. 18. Sex or love? Both. Always. I mean, I'm a bitch but I have always felt something about the guys I've been with. 19. Favorite sex games: The "what do you want me to do?", the "can I do this or that?", the dirty-explicit-talk is my fave. 20. Brand of condoms: whatever, don't care. 21. Favorite scent: For the place: Sandalo. For her: strawberries. For him: whatever sweet and elegant. 22. What really makes you mad during sex? when his dick gets out in a very bad moment. 23. Favorite warm-up? Fingers in hot places. Kisses in the neck. Dirty talk. 25. Are you a thinker or a feeler (wink-wink)? how fucking stupid question is that!! Feeler I guess. 26. What is your best and sexiest quality? I love giving blow jobs and swallowing it.... ok, I never say "no". 27. Are you currently in love/lust? Yeah. Damn you for asking. 28. What's the craziest sexual experience you have ever seen? A girl fucking with a dog... that was disgusting. 29. What are your pet peeves in bed? None. 30. Any bad habits in bed? getting up too quickly, maybe?? 31. Do you find it hard to trust people sexually? Nope. 32. Do you ever doubt the sexual side of yourself? YEah. Ok, I don't doubt, I KNOW I'm bi. 33. Last book you read that made you horny? The Perfume.... ok, that was long ago, but sexy stories on internet or cybersex turn me on a lot. 34. Last sex toy you bought for yourself? None yet. 33. Bath or shower? Both are sexy. 34. Favorite season for nookie? All the year. 35. Porn or erotica? Both. Erotica if I am alone, Porn if I am with my sexual partner. 36. What is your favorite flavor? strawberries. 37. What is your favorite time of day for love? 7 to 9 pm. 38. Gold or silver handcuffs? Silver. 39. What is the lamest pickup line someone has used on you? I'm going to make you a woman. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 40. Silk sheets or cotton? whatever. after all they end in the floor. 41. Any secret crushes? I don't have secrets. 42. Do you ever feel you are insane about sex? yeah, all the time. 43. Favorite style of music to play during the nasty? techno, like Prodigy, or sexy-pop like Kylie Minogue. 44. Favorite non-erotic film? Kalifornia, again. 45. If you could be the opposite sex for one day what would you do? cum in some girl's face. jerk off in a public place... well, there's not a lot of things to do that I can't do right now. 46. What do you desire most from sex? to feel someone else inside. have a real orgasm. 47. Do you believe in destiny? definitely. 48. Is world peace attainable by everyone having a BIG orgy? as long as my parents aren't there. 49. City or country sex? whatever!! 50. Thoughts after doing this survey? I'm insane. I miss Danny. I'm going to masturbate tonight.

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