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Mary Anne (mary_anne) wrote,
@ 2002-05-19 18:03:00
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    Current music:Prodigy - Breathe

    Please let me have some rest
    What's so wrong about trying to have a day for rest?
    It's Sunday damn it!. I really wanted to sleep.

    I felt so tired this morning. Tired of doing nothing... that's pathetic, but I felt like I didn't want to do anything at all.
    I just wanted to stay in bed and do nothing. Just stare at the white ceiling of my room, maybe at the awful bright and blue sky outside the window.
    Just lay there, lifeless, not thinking. Just wasting my precious time that lately I feel like it's worthless.

    It was beautiful the 15 minutes that it lasted.

    The fist to call was Scott. (He's the only one that calls me to my cell phone anyway) He has this common guilty feeling after not studying the whole semester, so wanted the copies to study Statistics.
    Since I didn't want to move or even speak, I promised him that I will study with him tomorrow. Arrrrghhh.

    However, I ended at the doorstep of my house handing him my notes of Economics.

    Twenty minutes later it was the door. My now-not-so-dear Michael came to my house looking for the disk where he saved the grades of his students... I can't believe he hasn't passed the grades already.
    He told me a bizarre story about his disappearance during the last week.

    Sure. Fine. Whatever.

    After changing my mood from 'Lying Still' to 'Definitely Pissed', I desisted of my wish to rest in peace. So I spent the rest of the morning just talking with my grandma.

    She told me a funny story, like those that all grandmas around the world tell, about how the world have changed and shit.
    I just listened. I wasn't really bored. I just listened. It was somehow cool. SOMEHOW... I'm not saying that it was the coolest thing that I've ever done.

    In the afternoon, I worked in my computer.
    I wasted my precious time in my computer.

    I played CART PR. I got on Internet. I played with the appearance of my diary. I got an account on I started to download the teaser #1 of The Matrix Reloaded. I checked my mail, and surprise surprise! I had 5 mail from people around the world looking for a penpal --> they saw my e-mail in the penpal ad that I posted yesterday.

    So I spent like 1 hour answering to them.

    Then again, surprise surprise!. Danny got on-line so we chatted through MS Messenger for 30 minutes. It was cool. I wasn't that mad today. I didn't feel anything at all. I'm at the limb state of the 'I don't give a fuck'

    Then I worked on a website, a little re-design that I had pending like 3 weeks ago.

    That's it. I'm going to watch The Matrix tonight on TV while I'm taping Star Wars in the other VCR. At least there's some good stuff to see on TV.

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