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Mary Anne (mary_anne) wrote,
@ 2002-06-13 14:40:00
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    Ian2: truth & lies
    I love this entries when I can say that I got almost drunk with whisky for free today...
    After class I went to the faculty. I talked with Karen. We found Ian & Co. drinking whisky.
    So our guy (Ian) invited us to take a drink with him in the hotel. (NOTE: the hotel in front of the university. We spent a lot of time there, with everyone. not fucking or sleeping there. we just get in the bar that's pretty cool. no second-pervert thoughts of it. Roswell had the Crashdown. Buffy has the Magic Box or the Bronze. We have the Hotel.)
    It was funny because I had planned to go home early today... LOL suuuure!!!!!!!!!!
    ... that was until Joseph started to drink with Ian & Jack just after Karen & I left the faculty for 15 minutes!!!
    When we got back they were already, you know, "happy", and Ian offered me a little from his glass (I said 'no' but I wanted to say 'yes pleeease')
    So whatever. Ian invited Karen and I went with them because he promised me he was going to take me home again. So he bought drinks for everyone!! LOL.
    I drank 2 glasses of name-don't-remember-the-name whisky, and obviously got 'happy' -not drunk- by the end of the night. I felt dizzy-cool.
    Karen drank a cocktail and a glass of vodka and Ian just drank brandy... like 5 glasses.... ewghhh.
    So I was there; 10 pm of a Thursday drinking for free good alcohol with good companions and smocking like a bitch.
    That's what I call having a great time.
    Ian talked a lot about life, love and shit. I mostly listened and hell, that was pretty cool.
    Ian took us home. We first went to Karen's place (in the other side of the city :P) and when we were about to drop her at home we found her husband Jason walking so we picked him up and went to buy more brandy.
    I was pretty ashamed because this was the second time that I saw Jason and actually both times I was just as drunk as today (I met him on Josh's b-day party.) LOL.
    We listened music in the car like for 20 minutes. Jason said something about being happy doing just that so Ian invited us to his house to hear/admire/see his 800 CD collection of all genres. shit-o-god.
    I was already too late so I said 'no thanks' for the first time in the night and they took me home.
    I love this entries when I can say that I got almost drunk with whisky for free today...

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