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they call me Flipper (marlenalucy002) wrote,
@ 2003-03-30 22:14:00
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    Current mood: sleepy
    Current music:3eb

    You know you're an idiot when...
    ... you can't remember what you did in the last few days.
    i know yesterday was my track meet. my farthest throw was a 20"7 (i think i had a 21"4 but it was a scratch because i stepped out of the side of the ring), and i spent the entire day-- which ran about 4 hours longer than expected-- listening to music, zoning out, and watching amber teach hailee clancy the cavalette kicks. the sad thing was, i was catching on very well and knew them good and now i'm almost contemplating trying out next month. UGHHHH. we also discussed our sistership, and i found out we have an older brother, a sister somewhere between us (?????), and several younger siblings. sam baker. what a man whore. basically all in all: i was bored out of my gourd, as leve so endearingly puts it.
    my friday was written about in shortest detail. amen to something. you don't want to hear my pissy ravings about alysia's sluttiness. i'm glad i finally got rid of her and her phony ways and her hypocracy, but all at once i kind of miss her and resent the fact that she just dissed me like that. i never did anything against her, and even though i think she slings bullshit 24/7, i still support her compeltely. it's bullshit. all of it. and hacker and vicki are somehow best friends now?? RIIIIIGHT.
    today was a waste and a half. i spent the whole day watching tv and eating everything in sight. i think i'm starting tomorrow... the crimson tide rolls in. clayton called while he was up in orland square, but i got snappy at him so we just kind of hung up. i didn't mean to. it's just lately i've been thinking and i'm not OBSESSED with him anymore. usually my boyfriend is the only thing on my mind. well, right now, clayton is just one of the many things, one of the lesser-thought-about things. i was thinking all yesterday, wondering if i didn't like him anymore and should break up with him. but then today jamie called and i actually lied to get off the phone, because i didn't feel absolute ecstaticity talking to him like usual. and then i realized... i'm not even remotely dis-interested in clayton. i'm finally in that stage where i can function properly without him there every second which is a big step. even though it's worse for my friendships cuz they're all obsessed with their gay-ass boyfriends. haha why do i keep them around sometimes? i wish clayton had called back... i'd love to talk to him right now but if he calls my parents will go off their rockers.

    so for the most part, except where any of my friendships are concerned, i am a happy girl right now. jesus though... my friends are freaking minions to making out. not that i don't want to make out... hell that's like, my birthday wish!! but still. i'd like to see alysia have one conversation not involving boys in any way. and ps-- she's "officially" with nick now.... poor jeffy, he doesn't get any anymore.

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