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kelly delonge (marktravistom13) wrote,
@ 2003-05-17 23:11:00
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    and every single second that i put it off it means another lonely night i gotta race the clock
    last night i had a game in framingham (plah) we got lost on the way there, i was pissed. anyways after the game me and brittany and jill went to the talent show. i have a crush on pat mc cloud! haha. yeah so this morning i woke up and listened to music for like 2 hours. haha most embarrasing thing ever, i was rocking out to cute without the "e" and i thought i was home alone so i was like full out singing and dancin around and my dad walks in and was like do you want a hamberger and i was like NOOOO! ahh i felt like an ass, it was the most awquard thing ever. then i had a (soccer) game in braintree. we lost. i bring failure around anywhere i go. then lex came over and we went to jills. then matt came over. we had han food! wooo hooo. then we went to the park. we bought emo things at db mart (pop-pops and raisinets) and mainstream pop punk things (candy necklaces). yeah that was cool. THEY HAD NO FUCKING SCREW BALLS me and matt were lookin for them at both dbmarts. when we were walking it was cool (not in an orgasm way, but like you're a cool kid way), i dont know we were talkin about random stuff. we should hang out with that kid more. then i went home cause my rents were going out. then they came back over and we were just hangin out. then jill went home and her dad was screamin, i felt really bad. then lex and matt went home. so i think im gonna go be an emo kid and look at the stars.

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2003-05-17 23:36 (link)
YOU HAVE A CRUSH ON MATTHEW!!!!!!! i know it.

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2003-05-18 22:00 (link)
yep, you know it

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