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Phoebe (margotglass) wrote,
@ 2003-11-26 19:16:00
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    Something is bothering me right now, in a small way.
    I just downloaded the song "All The Things She Said" by the Russian lesbians, because I had the downloader open and I couldn't remember whether or not I had heard it before, etc. etc. . Then it began to drive me crazy, because I have heard it before. I feel as if the last time, I heard it in a spoof video thing made my kids at my school (or possibly someone else) while someone is walking away rebuffed from a romantic intrigue. Then again, I also feel as if the last time I heard it when I was at J.C.'s house and he for some reason put it on. I am leaning really heavily towards option two, because my memory keeps on providing me with positive feedback for that, but I can't find anything for option one.

    Also, I am going to Nantucket (YAAAAAAAAY!) on Friday, so that's where I will be until Monday night.

    Also also also ALSO, today I had a really nice day. I did two crosswords. This makes me an insensitive and unkind person, but it pisses me off very much when people help me with crosswords when I don't A) ask them to do it with me B) begin it with those people. I mean, one answer I can handle (with gritted teeth), but, today during assembly Claire and Annina were all looking over my shoulder. I wished to smack them. I'm okay with when Alex Kaplan does them with me, because A) we're crossword buddies, as some people are drinking buddies B) he's very attractive C) he always asks first. Anyway . . . eh.

    YAAAAAAY! Nantucket!

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2003-11-26 21:44 (link)
In my basement is a recording of me singing "All The Things She Said"! I don't think that's where you heard it though. I'm pretty good at that song considering that I'm not really a great singer. I've really grown to like that song having practiced it dozens and dozens of times.

I never do crosswords. I get too frustrated when I can't find the right answer and then I'll put in a wrong answer, even if I know it's wrong. It all goes downhill from there...

In conclusion - YAAAAAAY! Nantucket! Um, not that I've ever been there or anything. I hope you have a lovely time!

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2003-11-26 22:57 (link)
When I was in high school, I used to do the New York Times daily crossword puzzle with the librarian. It took me such a while to get used to it, because I hate joint crosswording. But it was fun. Other than that, I never do crosswords with other people. Unless, in the event that someone tires of trying to complete a crossword, and then gives it to me to finish, and then I finish it. It makes me feel all smug and superior. It's great.

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2003-11-26 23:14 (link)
I believe you are only going to Nantucket so that you can be the star of future limericks.

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