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Phoebe (margotglass) wrote,
@ 2003-10-10 00:03:00
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    I'm sorry.
    I haven't left anyone comments, or communicated with anyone. This is because I have been online for ten minutes a day for the majority of this week. Important Things:

    1. I am having the strangest week of my life. So is Claire, which is fitting because the same strange things have happened to us.

    2. I have had so much schoolwork. It is unpleasant and I have not slept enough. Not that I'm complaining! I mean, I am, but I am not attempting to elicit sympathy. Rather, I am explaining my absence.

    The Red Sox lost last night's game. I find this distressing.

    Hopefully I will be online more sometime this weekend. Hopefully, this weekend will present some semblance of normalcy.

    Um . . . illuminating highlights of weirdness: My front door is bright orange. There is lots of blood on the floor of my house. Someone got expelled from my school today. The above may or may not be related. Now you're all really curious.

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2003-10-10 08:01 (link)
You know, it is really mean to tease us by mentioning strangeness and not go into detail. And pictures. We need more pictures of you.

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2003-10-10 09:39 (link)
Yes! No torture, please.

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2003-10-10 10:08 (link)
Sorry indeed! What a mean trick, you! *shakes fist*

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