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Jessica (margery) wrote,
@ 2005-02-18 15:18:00
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    Current mood:Still sleepy after napping!>.<
    Current music:Gregorian Chanting

    Blind Typing & Blowing My Own Horn (i.e., resume writing)
    This is weird, I’m typing with my eyes closed. I’m not even picturing what the words look like on the screen, I’m picturing what my fingers look like on the keyboard. I guess I’m more used to looking at my hands than at the screen.

    I should write my blurty without looking at what I’m doing. Hi everybody! I’m typing with my eyes closed! I’m trying to figure out if my typing it good enough for me to put on my resume that I’m a good typist. I’ts hard to compose a sentence without looking at it. I’m not going to make any corrections to this writing after I open my eyes. Sometimes while I’m typing I know I make an error, and then I delete it and correct it without having to look. It makes me feel good to be so familiar with my ekyboard. I’m hoping I won’t have to impress anyong with my typing on a normal PC keyboard without having a chance to get used to it first. The keys are so much bigger and they feel different when you touvh them. Woops! I always get those cvxzy mixed up, I don’ tknow why. I huess they all kind of look the same to me, and I picture them the same in my head. Sometimes I’ll type a v instead of a y, for ecample, because they look similar, bot because they’re anywhere near each other on the keyboard. And I can never remember what order they go in sown there… for some reason, when I’m reaching up for the upper row, I can alwwaus seem to remember where the keu I’m searching for it, but on the bottom, if I’m looking for a c,x,v,or z, I can’t picture it in my mind. Probably it’s more awkward reaching down under your palm with your fingers, and since it’s my left hand, I’m less dexterous with it anyway.

    Also, it’s stupid how my muscles in my hands can remember certain words, but they’ll just type them at the wrong times – like if, is, in, and it will sometimes interchange with each other. I’ll go to type “apple” and a common word like “about” or “and” will type itself instead.

    Anyway, I guess you can deduce from this that I’m working on my resume today. I’m submitting my resume to Monster so employers may run across it in the database. I hate writing a resume, it’s such a pain thinking up what useful things I can do, without any real job experience. I can string words together in a logical way, isn't that useful to you? Why don’t I post the resume I made on my blurty for you people to look at… that might be entertaining. Feel free to send me critiques and suggestions, I'm not particularly proud of this thing so don't worry about hurting my feelings.

    Jessica Bennett Clark
    1986 Green Glen Ln
    Bremerton, WA 98311

    September 15, 1983, in Singapore. (My parents, both civilian naval employees, returned with me to America when I was two years old. I was born a US citizen.)


    • High School: SAT: 1310; English Literature AP Test: 4

    • San Francisco State University
    (Fall 2001 – Fall 2004)
    (Dean’s List: Fall 2001, Fall 2002 – Spring 2003)
    Major in Psychology
    Cumulative GPA: 3.27

    • Cal State Study Abroad: Waseda University, Tokyo
    (Fall 2003 – Spring 2004)
    I attended college in Tokyo for a year while living with a Japanese host family. I can communicate competently in spoken Japanese, at an intermediate level in written.

    Work Experience and Skills:

    • Computer Skills: I am familiar with most common computer programs, including
    • Microsoft Word, Excel, Internet Explorer
    • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Pagemaker
    • Macromedia Flash, Dreamweaver
    • Fast and accurate typist
    I am comfortable with both Apple and Windows-based computers, to the point where I could achieve fluency in a computer program in a matter of hours.

    • Computer Graphic Design: I was hired to design the page layout for my high school’s Parents’ Club newsletter for my senior year of high school. I used Adobe Pagemaker on an Apple iMac. I worked with members of Parents’ Club, communicating on an adult level, met my deadlines, and turned out a valuable product.

    • Writing Skills: I have taken many higher-level classes in college, for which I have written difficult research papers and essays. I have an excellent grasp of grammar and spelling, and I have a highly developed ability to get ideas across in writing. I write fiction in my spare time.

    • Child Care: In the summer of 2002, I worked as a preschool teacher’s assistant at the Walnut Creek Fine Art’s Preschool. I supervised, played with, read to, and sometimes disciplined children ages 2 to 5.

    • Customer Service: I have held two summer jobs at movie theaters, at Brenden Theaters and Century Theaters, working in various food service and customer service positions. At Century Theaters, I was one of a few to be trained in the more complicated café position, where my responsibilities were to operate an espresso machine, make various types of food, handle money, and clean up my entire area after hours. In this position I had much more autonomy and responsibility than other employees.

    ...Right, now come and get me boys. ~_~

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Resume nitpick
2005-02-22 00:14 (link)
I don't think I like "civilian naval employees." It reminds me of oranges or bellybuttons, and it doesn't actually explain that we're Americans. How about "My parents, American employees of the US government overseas, brought me back to the States when I was two..." or maybe "My beloved parents, two Americans who met while living a wildly exotic and glamorous life abroad..."

And please feel free to toss "young," "attractive," or "fascinating" in there somewhere too.


p.s. Nice typing. Did I teach you that?

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Re: Resume nitpick
2005-02-23 17:38 (link)
NO one taught me to type. I taught myself. And I type very badly, actually. My fingers are, like, NEVER on home row.

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