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marc (marcn) wrote,
@ 2009-02-03 01:27:00
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    iTunes: Link to iTunes App info from Application section
    I've noticed some talk of 'App Store addiction' when it comes to the iPhone, and unsurprisingly I seem to be a full-blown sufferer!

    With so many free apps, and temporary sales, I've parted with a a scurrilous amount of cash in the pursuit of 'cool' iPhone apps, whatever that means.

    I now have over 700 apps downloaded, and of course I really should delete some of the, um, poorer examples, a while this may seem a little on the maniacal side, to put it mildly, it's also a result interesting dynamics of the App Store, of the lack of demos on the App Store, and also the potential of future updates, which I think is a significant, under-acknowledged benefit of the App Store over decentralised distribution.

    Having so many apps it's basically impossible remember the details of all downloaded apps; the solution? Similar to the iTunes links for music tracks I should be able to link to the App's info page on iTunes.

    This would be a convenient way for users to check on App details, see recent additions outlined in the description, add their Review or read others, and of course link to the support and developer's web sites.

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