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MaorianAngel (maorianangel) wrote,
@ 2011-05-16 19:20:00
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    Current mood: nervous
    Current music:Seripham Shock

    Lemmings Are About
    Intelligent people don't always do the right thing, only the evolutionarily novel thing.

    Today is May 16th. Last night it got down to 34 degrees. Today there was a wind chill. A wind chill I said. On May 16th. I can't take it. I am so cold and am so tired of being cold and sick of being tired and cold and can't stand one more minute of being sick and tired and cold.

    It feels like a precious wound, a heartbreak you won't let go of because it hurts too good. We all want things to stay the same. Settle for living in misery because we're afraid of change, of things crumbling to ruins. Then I looked around to this place, at the chaos it has endured - the way it has been adapted, burned, pillaged and found a way to build itself back up again. And I was reassured, maybe my life hasn't been so chaotic, it's just the world that is, and the real trap is getting attached to any of it. Ruin is a gift. Ruin is the road to transformation.

    Remember that sign I had posted on the old quote board in my office at Benchmark? It talked about the Chinese symbol for crisis meaning both danger and oppurtunity. I've been thinking of that often lately.

    Yet living in a crisis-ridden world has its positive side. The silver lining at the edge of the gathering clouds is what the Chinese had long known but we have all but forgotten: crisis is both danger and opportunity. The dangers are now evident, and also the opportunities are becoming visible.

    Hearse On, Rave Up

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