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MaorianAngel (maorianangel) wrote,
@ 2011-04-25 23:31:00
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    Current mood: peaceful
    Current music:Autumn Tears

    Oh My
    I seem to have lost track of the days again. One just blends into the other. The weather has me quite melancholy. According to the Farmer's Almanac we aren't supposed to have much of a summer. That's to sad to even think about now.

    Still feeling better. Sugar is staying under control. Weight loss is non-exsistent though. I wonder if its my age? I sometimes forget that I am 40. It's hard to digest at times. It isn't the actual age itself that frightens me, it's the time that has past. Only yesterday I was 17. I'm sure of it. At least it seems so. Don't get me wrong, I have no desire to live in the past. The past is exactly that, the past, it's just that I can't wrap my mind around how fast the time has gone by. Guess I'm not the only one though, after all, someone invented nostalga.

    My boy moved downstate. That is emotional as well. He hasn't lived with me for over two years now, but he was at least close. I miss him all over again.

    The dogs are making me crazy. I love them though.

    I made a pretty cool steampunk garment for Courtney. Well, at least I think it is.


    Bless and keep us, SH, BV, SJ, SA and Baron. Thank you all for the many blessings you have given us.

    Trinka Five
    Trinka Five
    Trinka Five

    8 8 8

    Oh, and one more thing, fuck you Driver Responsibility Fees.

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