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Jenni Benni! (mansonspawn) wrote,
@ 2004-02-01 11:49:00
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    Current mood: awake
    Current music:The Dresden Dolls

    yes, so lets see, i havent been on in a long long long time. i've converted over to Live Journal. as i beleive i've told you in recent entries.

    zack and i are still together, even tho the other night was kind of hectic. but thats ok, cuz i still love him :D

    kailie and i have been hangin out alot. lol. my brithday was full of dance dance revolution. full of old memories. i saw wiggles again :D:D

    chelsey and i are still in lunch together. we're only missing kerri and wiggles. and on teusdays we're missing tyler. but thats ok, cuz we've got a new wiggles! we've got kailie!


    yeah i went to a dresden dolls concert. i got to hang out with them after the show. and that was kick ass. we did the conga through the whole crowd. (me hillary amanda plamer((the lead singer)) and a couple people behind us)..i stole the first bands sax, but i gave it back. i got to hang out with the first band too. their called Fettish Chicken. he signed a coke can for me, and he wrote "i like cum" on it. and he had sex with it before he gave it to me. lmao. yeah we had alot of fun. Derek dressed up like a doctor for some reason...*shrugs* i dunno

    hmm, anything else go on

    well all i can say is

    some people wait a life time FOR A MOMENT LIKE THIS!!!


    good day chaps.

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