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Amanda (mannernanners) wrote,
@ 2003-09-20 22:43:00
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    Current mood: bouncy
    Current music:nightnight music... Brandy/Angel of mine

    WIDE AWAKE! =)
    Today was a *FREAKIN* Blast!!.... I went to one of those family evens that take place about every 3 monthes or so..... I will tell you, it was fun! Me, Missy, n Mandy all chilled... and holllleeer at the neighbor hood boys, while also ditto towards us ; ) The fact that upsets me though is there.... welll.... eleven =/ lol
    It was really werid without my Dad bing there... REALY WEIRD... time actuaally goes by WAY to fast... I havent seen him for 4 weeks now.... Nope wont see him at my birthday eaither... Thats in November... I dont know when but I hope i'll get to see him soon... I know i get to see him the 25th, but not in a good place, i shouldnt be to excited about seeing him there... probaly wont even have much time to talk =(
    But happy news =) i died ma her once again! THIS TIME its Starberry blonde.... THANKS JANET! =) I love it Lol.... Hey steph we are twins noww 4sho! lol sorry Jess we know longer have the twin relationship
    Stephy came over!! she brought me tomatow soup agaiN! =) Then she left =( she was in the neighbor hood
    Her mom is the best nurse ever I LOVE HERRR!!! =)
    I been in the hospital alot lately =/ I have to take 6 pills actually only 4 now becauuse the TYLONAL THREES made me break down in hives... StRaNgE ma docters said I wasnt alergic to anything but now im having doubts =/
    Im really full.. I ate alot today... food at the party
    We had fun... I love my family! Its one of a kind... Reconize... We are thee best!
    I finally met troy today!! He's a very good kid lol.... nice him n mandy make a veryvery cute couple... although they met cause he whaked her in the face with a door at the movies =/ Lol and now there in LoVe!!! ***
    HmmMhh Is there ANYONE that wants to whack me in the face please?? Lol
    I wish i had a boy friend! Boyfriend where are you?? do youuuuuuuu wanna be my boyfriend? lol didnt think so

    well i decided im sleepy
    I decided to mkae this online journal becasue my dear friend ashlie nicole did (although she doesnt write in it no more) and it looked funnnnnnn! thanks ash! =) lol

    well yall good night sweet dreams much love to you and God bless!


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