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Manik Bajaj (manikbajaj) wrote,
@ 2010-11-19 11:25:00
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    How to design successful corporate logos
    For a logo designer it’s a real challenging task to design a corporate logo. Creating a corporate logo is one of the first and foremost concerns that company needs to take care. When a designer is hired to create a logo the whole thing comes on him that how he will match his ideas and designs with the client’s thinking. The corporate logo is the brand image and it also helps in building visibility of the company among their target market. It is always important for a logo designer to create the best and most distinctive corporate logos. If you are a logo designer and want to brush up on your logo design skills, this article will definitely help you out. This article defines several tips to create the best corporate logos. You should keep these tips in mind while designing and branding a corporate logo.
    Keep it simple:
    It is very important to keep a corporate logo as simple as possible and try to convey some information about the company. Simple logos always look more professional and they are the sign of a professional logo designer. Simplicity doesn’t mean making a logo boring. Simple logos are always easy to place on business cards also which is very important for corporate logos. They should be as simple that they don’t require much space to be recognized and understood.
    Make it memorable:
    The best corporate logos are very simple but at the same time they are very unique which helps in better brand recall. Always try to create such logos that can attract the viewers towards it because the viewers’ choice helps to make the logo unforgettable. Here the McDonald’s logo is the perfect example. It’s very unique in design and color that anyone can recall it easily that is why it is one of the best corporate logos.
    Right color selection:
    The color selection should be done very wisely. It is according to the target audiences. Too many colors make the logo tacky and unprofessional. Try to choose one or two colors in a corporate logo. Sometimes more colors are the demand of the logo, and then do it according to the demand.
    Wise selection of fonts:
    Use a font that compliments the style of what it represents. You can never take risk in font selection. An incorrect selection of font can destroy the whole thing. Font plays a very important role in making the corporate logos. You can never use an old-English type font for a pet store logo. Just use a common sense in this area. If you are not happy with the font you have got then you can search on website for free fonts.
    Corporate logos should always design keeping future prospects in mind. Corporate logos should have adaptability making themselves flexible enough to change to various business situations.
    Avoid a lot of details:
    A lot of details can make your logo unprofessional. Never try to make the logo complex with various details. Keep it clean and simple. Fewer details are always more effective and are easily comprehensible. No one can forget the FedEx logo. This logo is one of the best corporate logos. It’s very clean, simple and with minimal details which makes it unforgettable and consumers are also easily able to understand it.

    For further reading, Characteristics of an Ideal Logo, another article by me which will help while designing logos.

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