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Mandy (mandyweg) wrote,
@ 2004-05-15 15:34:00
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    Current mood: irritated
    Current music:Eve 6 -- Here's to the Night

    anonymous postings
    Well, for those of you who have read Libet's journal lately, you'll notice that there have been a ton of anonymous postings going on. Of course, I addressed it in her journal, but i would like to address it in mine as well.

    It's so easy to insult people when you are behind a computer and keyboard, with the ability to hit a button and cover your identity, so there are no consequences to your actions. So easy, yet so unecessary and childish. These journals cause more trouble than they are worth. Those who are immature and afraid to confront their problems take it out on people who just want to rant in their journal. Online or not, I believe these are our journals and we have the right to exaggerate, dramatize, and overreact to any given situation. The last time I checked, my writing was never for anyone but myself.

    What's the pay-off by posting anonymously? You aren't solving your woes or problems by bringing something to the attention of the journal-writer...if anything, you prove their point even more for wanting to rid themselves of bitchy "friends" that they hang around. By insulting people through their journals, what do you get out of it? Satisfaction? Happiness? A warm, fuzzy feeling? Just because you can't see the person's face doesn't mean you don't hurt them.

    This is probably why Libet doesn't want to take shit anymore. It's why I didn't. High School kids just aren't mature enough to handle relationships. There is too much drama that I don't want to deal with, as I'm sure the case is with Libet. And I have no doubt that if her anonymous poster went up to her face and talked to her about the concerns he/she had with Libet's behavior, that Libet would have taken the time to talk about it with him/her and explain why she feels the need to not put up with other people's shit.

    So the next time you're urged to leave a little comment in someone's journal without leaving your name, think about how much angrier the person will be at you once they do find out who it was. Stop acting like 5 year old children. High School shouldn't be this complicated. Love each other when you can, Hate each other when you can't, live through it, cry through it, move on, and make new friends.


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2004-05-16 17:39 (link)
Well said, Mandy. And I appreciate how you will defend me (in a sense). And, to defend MYSELF, you're right. If someone's got a problem with me, the easiest way to deal with it is just to talk to me to my face. Ask Julia or Meredith. They were some of my closest friends, and when we had problems, we talked it out, even if they were only solved temporarily. And in fact, Friday night I discussed with Amanda just why I made that original journal entry which caused so much commotion. So, everything you said is right. And I appreciate that you put the time into making the effort to help. You're a real friend...which I don't seem to have many of. Thank you.

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2004-05-16 19:11 (link)
Libet, like I said before, in the next few years, you'll know who your true friends are. I wasn't exactly trying to defend you, so much as I was trying to just get the silliness to cease. You are a big girl and a very strong person, so I know you didn't really need my help...just let it all roll off of your shoulders. Jesus, if some of these posters were any more immature, I wouldn't believe it if you told me we were 16 to 18 years old. But ah, well...only five more days for me to go!

And I'm here anytime.


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