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Amanda-Lynn (manda_lynn) wrote,
@ 2003-06-11 00:47:00
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    Current mood: pessimistic
    Current music:Everclear-Sparkle and Fade

    Ok, I've just made some good friends at work and now I have to completely reevaluate all of those friendships.

    Background Info.- I work with Shawn (a girl) and Brittney. Shawn has been dating her boyfriend, Kenyan, for 4 years. Brittney kinda talked to Kenyon's friend-Steven- for a little while, but they didn't really work out.

    Now, last week Shawn was gone on a cruise with her family and Kenyan stayed home. Me and Brittney usually hang with Kenyan and his friends (but normally Shawn is there too). This week I noticed more and more than Brittney and Kenyon were spending time together. Well last night everyone from work went bowling (including Shawn-she's back). Brittney pulled me asside and told me she had to tell me something- Her and Kenyan slept together-more than once.

    I went into an instant state of shock- You know how when you get really off the wall news how it takes a little while to sink in?- I could not believe it.

    I could see the progression of Brittney and Kenyan's flirting over the week, but I never thought they would act on it. Brittney and Shawn have become fairly good friends- Shawn's mother just died from cancer last December and Brittney went with her to visit the grave on mother's day (something I consider to be a very close and intimate act). Shawn doesn't have a ton of female friends, me and Brittney are mostly it.

    Shawn and Kenyan have dated for 4 years now, they were each others furst loves and have been through so much together. He really is Shawn's best friend. Granted lately me and Brittney have talked about how their relationship seems to be deteriorating. They argue a lot, always seem irritated at one another, they seem a lot like an old couple.

    But even though their relationship is not perfect, it is completely unnacceptable to cheat on one another. And Kenyan and Brittney aren't just sleeping together- they have taken on the motions of dating. They are spending a lot of time together- and Shawn has no idea. They have not told her and have no plans to. Kenyan has implied that they are going to break up (but I HIGHLY doubt he will tell her about him and Brittney, even if they do break up).

    Breaking up with Kenyan will kill Shawn. He is her everything. She just lost her mother has been through so much stuff with Kenyan- 4 years of stuff. He is her world. Also, 90% of her friends are actually his friends- so she would lose her boyfriend and all of her friends. Poor girl.

    How can a guy can date a girl for years, go through all that they have been through and then cheat on her- and on top of that not give her the respect of telling her. Kenyan is also actively pursueing Brittney- he has told her that he wants to date her. I have absolutley no respect for him (or her).

    Brittney screwed up big. Ok, she had kind of a crush on Kenyan and had made the comment that if he and Shawn weren't together that she'd try to date him- but they are together! She knew that Kenyan is Shawn's world, she knew that this would kill Shawn- but she did it anyway. It would be slimy to date him after they broke up, but it is a million times worse to sleep with him while they were together.

    Now Brittney and Kenyan aren't sure what to do. Kenyan wants to break up with Shawn, he wants to experience something knew- Shawn is the only girl he's ever been with. Brittney and Kenyan want to be together. And now Brittney is trying to look like the victim- she says she needs Kenyan to make a decision and says that if he chooses to stay with Shawn it will really hurt her but also if he chooses her it will hurt Shawn too. I don't think Brittney is allowed to be hurt- she slept with one of her close friend's boyfriend of 4 years.

    I don't know what's going to happen, but I hate this situation. I hate that she told me because now I feel like I'm "in on it" and against Shawn. When I am around Shawn I feel so guilty- but I didn't do anything. I can't tell her- it's not my place. If she were my best friend I would most likely tell her but we are just casual friends. And if I did tell her I would lose so many friends, not only Brittney and Kenyan but all of our other mutual friends. I am not concerned with losing Brittney as a friend- I can never trust her. Now I know she lies, is sneaky, and very coniving. It sucks though, we were really just starting to be friends and I don't have a ton of female friends.

    I hate this situation!!!! I can't tell Shawn- it isn't mine to tell, but if she finds out and then finds out that I knew and didn't tell her- she will be furious. I was just starting to be good friends with Brittney and now that is crushed, you can't be friends with someone you can't trust. I hate thinking that it's possible to date someone for 4 years and be totally in love only to find out that he was sleeping with one of your friends.

    I hate boys and love and dating.

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2003-06-11 18:06 (link)
"I hate boys and love and dating"


I'll be calling you on my trip amanda. Take care.

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